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Ksenia Security embraces the Global Goals: Gender equality

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Ksenia Security embraces the Global Goals: Gender equality

Gender equality is not only a fundamental right, but it is the necessary prerogative for “a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world”. Ensuring equal access to education, medical care and work for women is necessary to promote socio-economic development for the benefit of all societies. Important progress has been made over the years: the data states that about two thirds of developing countries have achieved gender equality in primary education, but the road is still long. Despite the considerable efforts and protection measures already implemented, women and girls continue to suffer discrimination around the world, not to mention the episodes of domestic violence and femicides that continue to increase year by year. Moreover, even in countries where there should be no gender inequality by law, the major representatives in economic, political and social life are male. This reflects a persistent traditional conception of the female role as subordinate to the man.

Objective 5 of the Global Goals

The United Nations Objective 5 includes a series of objectives that must be achieved in 2030 in order to combat gender inequality in the world:

1.eliminate all discrimination against women and girls;

2.eliminate all forms of violence against women, both in the private and public spheres;

3.ensure equal leadership opportunities for women at all decision-making levels and equal pay;

4.enhancing unpaid domestic work through infrastructure and social protection measures;

5.promote policies of emancipation and shared responsibility within each family.

These goals can only be achieved thanks to a corrective policy of the institutions of every nation on the planet. It is necessary to disseminate models that promote equal opportunities in the workplace and that raise awareness of issues such as the phenomenon of violence against women and the right to education for any human being.

In addition, it is important to foster a culture in which the management of the domestic space is no longer associated with women but with the family, with a view to sharing the tasks and care of the Home, removing stereotypes and discrimination. These rights are often taken for granted: for this reason, it is important to spread them so that they are clear to all generations, in order to ensure a fairer world, in which everyone can make their contribution regardless of their gender.

What actions does Ksenia Security take?

In this context, businesses play a crucial role in promoting women’s empowerment. Ksenia Security has always been committed to implementing internal policies and procedures that guarantee equal working rights for all its employees, without any gender discrimination. This commitment involves every member of the company, from executives to employees, who are required to adhere to the principles of the company’s Code of Ethics.

The company’s approach is based on total inclusion and transparency, which leaves no room for social inequalities and guarantees the physical and psychological well-being of all employees. In addition, it is committed to preventing any form of harassment, intimidation, bullying or stalking within the workplace. Data for the period 2020-2021 show that concrete efforts have led to zero cases of discrimination in the company. Ksenia puts professional growth first, allowing everyone to develop their full potential. This strategy has contributed to the success of the company, which in 2021 recorded a 16% increase in recruitment, reaching a staff of 35% composed of women and 100% of women under 30.

Moreover, starting from this year, we proudly support the “DONNE X STRADA” association, which works to combat violence against women and promote street safety through the “purple centres” and an associated network of psychologists and lawyers. Through a targeted training path, we have officially become a PURPLE CENTRE, a safe place where anyone who is afraid of being a victim of violence can turn to for help.

Choosing Ksenia Security means supporting a world where women can contribute equally to creating value in the world! 👫

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