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Check who enters and leaves the store by monitoring the number of people present in real time.

counter function of the Security section of the lares 4.0 app


Measure the performance of your business.

How many of those who entered bought something? You can measure the flow of people who visit your store every day and, based on the receipts issued, analyze the performance.


Comfort in a simple gesture.

Before opening your business, do you want to deactivate the alarm, raise the shutters and turn on the lights in one fell swoop? By simply holding your personal key close to the ‘flight’ reader, you can perform all the scenarios you want. You can also choose the LED color to be associated with each scenario: red, blue, green, yellow and white.

A small device that allows you to manage every aspect of your store with ease. Activate the scenario you want with the appropriate key, watch the multicolored LED light up and automatically ‘volo’ executes the command.


Comfort and security for your every access.

Choose innovative technology to ensure maximum security at home entrances.
With this keypad you can manage the arming or disarming of the alarm and up to 10 scenarios.
Thanks to the presence of membrane keys, the user experience is unique.

Vous pouvez choisir entre deux couleurs : noir ou gris. Grâce à la LED multicolore, vous pouvez vérifier l’exécution de la commande en un coup d’œil et avoir un retour rapide même via un buzzer multi-tons.

Rolling shutter

Manage the shutters.

Choose the convenience of automatic shutters that open and close independently according to your routine. Just set the time on your smartphone to program its movement.

Interface for total control of home rolling shutters in the home automation section of the lares 4.0 app
time schedul function in the Security section of the lares 4.0 app

Time scheduler

Choose the time and the store will do it for you.

Do you have to remember to turn off the lights, close the shutters and set the alarm every night? With the time scheduler you can let the store do it for you. Just set the days of the week and the working hours on your smartphone and all these actions will be performed automatically.


Always keep an eye on the external and internal spaces of your shop.

With cameras you can see what happens in your shop whenever you want. Using the App you can check the external perimeter in real time, reaching a distance of 30 meters. In this way you will be able to have control of all your products, even in hidden spaces, thus avoiding possible thefts.

Discover the integration with Milestone

dashboard lares 4.0 allarme inserito


Manage the security system.

In any business, the use of an excellent alarm system is essential to avoid any type of theft or break-in. With the ‘imago’ siren you will have design and protection at the same time.

Store opening scenario

Start your working day with full control of your store. You can program the morning scenario so that the system autonomously disarms the alarm, raises the shutters, turns on the lights and much more.

lares 4.0 ti assiste durante il lavoro dalla mattina fino alla sera. Programma lo scenario "apertura negozio" e, la mattina, lares disattiverà l'allarme, alzerà la serranda, aprirà la porta, accederà le luci della vetrina e inizierà a contare i tuoi clienti.
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