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Ksenia Security S.p.A.
A great place to work!

Company Profile

Ksenia Security is an Italian company that operates in the field of Physical Security (Anti-intrusion, Video Verification, Access Control,) and Home & Building Automation. It develops and produces innovative solutions aimed at the residential, commercial and industrial market. It guarantees a high level of technology and, at the same time, an extraordinary ease of use. The company develops and produces all its products in Italy, always remaining faithful to Italian tradition and quality. Each activity, from design to final implementation, takes place directly on site, creating a strong sense of belonging. It is a reality constantly engaged in the search for innovation, in order to develop reliable, certified and cutting-edge devices. It achieves this goal by paying particular attention to design, the technological evolution of the market and environmental sustainability.

Certifications and Awards

Our employees say about us: Better Results

People here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation 98%
People here are treated fairly regardless of ethnicity 98%
The facilities of our offices help to create a good working environment 93%
I can be off work when I think I need it 93%
When people change activities or workgroups, they are put at ease 86%
I am given the resources and tools to do my job 85%






What sets us apart

Working in Ksenia Security means joining a rapidly expanding company and collaborating with a group of people deeply motivated by a passion for technology, innovation and design. It also means participating in a reality that is aware of its own role and social commitment: all those who are part of it believe in a different future for themselves and for their children, a future characterized by a development that respects the world that surroundings and their fundamental rights.

Raffaele Di Crosta – CEO


“Being part of the Ksenia team means working in a cohesive and united group, a team always ready to achieve new goals. The working environment is stimulating and dynamic, difficulties are seen as challenges, not problems, but opportunities. I would like to remind you that our company has adopted a Code of Ethics since 2021. It has created an environment in which the principles of fairness, loyalty and honesty are considered the cornerstones.”
Serena Capriotti – Procurement Manager


“During my professional career I had the opportunity to work in heterogeneous environments both in terms of industry, size and business climate.
I must honestly say that here I have found a great balance that allows me to grow professionally and personally. Working at Ksenia means being able to connect with technology on a daily basis in a young environment where human resources are at the heart of the company’s vision.”
Marco Panichi – Area Sales Manager


“Working at Ksenia means being part of a company that focuses on people, listening to their needs, developing their potential and strengthening their strengths. Respect and trust from the management are a constant incentive to always give the maximum and never take anything for granted. Ksenia Security is synonymous with innovation, vision, strategy and care for its employees, and we are all proud to be part of this reality.”
Daniela Dimasi – Marketing and Communication Manager

Francesco Piunti_GPTW

“I wish I’d met Ksenia earlier in my career. At Ksenia, you have everything you need to be the best you can be, to grow and to aspire to bigger and bigger things. This is evident from the very first day, with the fantastic welcome given to new colleagues. Ksenia is truly a great place to meet the future!”
Francesco Piunti – R&D Firmware Engineer


“Working at Ksenia means being part of a big family: it taught me the respect between colleagues, the sharing of successes and failures and the motivation to work in a team. Ksenia is a life experience!
Anna Maria Di Paolo – Product Assembly Technician

Work in Ksenia Security

Being part of the Ksenia Security team means not being afraid of change and challenges, having a positive approach to everyday life, being dynamic and flexible, willing to continuously increase one’s knowledge not only together with professionals in the sector but also through personalized training courses.

Ksenia Security is constantly looking for talents who bring innovation, initiative and dynamism, with a strong motivation to enter a young context, willing to question themselves, who recognize and appreciate the importance of teamwork as a result of the fusion of cultures and different visions; people capable of unleashing their creativity and who try to think outside the canonical schemes, in an attempt to anticipate the future and thus create added value for customers and for all collaborators, who together represent the company’s greatest asset for us.

The commitment and distinctive skills of our collaborators are and will be the impetus for the achievement of our success.

Work with us!

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The voice of our collaborators

“In Ksenia there is always someone ready to give you a smile, we are not simply colleagues but travel companions!”

“The atmosphere is relaxed and there is a collaborative relationship between people in the same department and in different departments. I can openly express my ideas and impressions without fear of being penalized or judged.”

“The incredible desire to create a relaxed and collaborative working environment. At all levels, the staff do their utmost to keep the climate serene and pleasant.”

“Professionalism, enthusiasm, passion and humility.”

“There is an air of innovation, there is a desire to work and to amaze. All very concentrated in a single goal of growth and reliability. Great people, mainly on the human and obviously professional side.”

“The input into the company is the best I’ve ever had. You immediately feel part of a group and are put in a position to give 100% from day one.”

“Solid cohesion between employees both from the point of view of work and interpersonal relationships.”

“The company breathes an air of unique innovation, everyone is proud to work here.”

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