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the home automation and the lares 4.0 app for its management

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Control panel lares 4.0 – What is it?

The heart of the entire Ksenia system is contained in the lares 4.0 control panel. This is a real technological revolution because, with a single control panel, it is possible to create an entire Security and Home Automation system.
It allows total control of the home, with the ability to manage alarms, entrance doors and gates, energy consumption, lighting, temperature, irrigation, shutters and much more. With this control panel, in fact, you can create your very personal Smart Home in one fell swoop, thanks to the home automation extensions that simplify the daily routine.
Each environment can be managed separately thanks to the free App that Ksenia has developed for its customers, available for both iOS and Android. At any time and wherever you are, you can control Home simply from your smartphone.

Safe, comfortable, fast! 

Complete management app

The lares 4.0 App allows you to always have total control of your home, office or industrial system. A single App that allows you to monitor the various aspects of Security (Burglar Alarm, Video Verification, Video Surveillance, Access Control) and simultaneously the Home Automation and BMS (Building Management System).

Maximum freedom and creativity

Thanks to this new APP, the User has the ability to manage all lares 4.0 control units, both wired and hybrid.
The application allows the complete monitoring of the system, the management of the home automation part and all aspects related to Security and Video Verification, by connecting to any ONVIF camera model.
The lares 4.0 APP is divided into three sections: Dashboard, Protection and Smart Home.
The Dashboard shows the status of the entire system and you can quickly check the arming, or disarming, of the alarm system and can be customized with your favorite commands.
In the Protection section, it is possible to view the event log and the status of all sensors, manage the timer, view the details of any faults and access the user management.
The third, and last, section is entirely dedicated to the Home Automation part: on this page, the User can control all the outputs, assign categories and have full control of lights, blinds, scenarios, and much more.
The application is extremely flexible and allows you to set the page display even for rooms; this facilitates programming and detailed viewing of the entire system.
Overall, therefore, with the use of a single App it is possible to monitor the various aspects relating to Security. The lares 4.0 App is free and available for iOS and Android operating systems, which can be downloaded from the relevant stores on any mobile device, smartphone or tablet.


The dashboard is the main page of the App and is positioned in the center. In it we find: the name of the control panel, the Info section, containing all the contact details of the Installer, the temperatures detected, the name of the location where the control unit is installed, an icon that represents the weather situation in that specific location and, finally, the favorites. At a glance, you can immediately identify the status of the security system, thanks to the icon located in the center of the dashboard: the status can be armed, disarmed, partially armed or in alarm.
These state changes are also marked with a specific color: red, green or blue. By clicking on the icon representing the system status, you are directed to the partition page, where you can check their status and, if desired, enter them manually and individually, avoiding the use of scenarios.

lares 4.0 app protection screens


The Protection section allows you to check the status of the sensors installed (at rest, in alarm, fault / tamper) with the possibility of including, excluding and adding to favorites; the status of the partitions with the possibility of arming / disarming them individually in order to activate customized arming, other than those programmed by the installer. Then we find the time programmer that allows you to set specific times and days to automatically execute certain scenarios; the event log in which all the operations of the control panel are recorded; cameras to control access; manage the system for the maintenance of faults; manage users according to the access level assigned in configuration.

Smart Home

In the Smart Home section it is possible to: control the automations enabled for remote management grouped by categories: lights (turn on / off), opening gates (open / close), roller shutters (raise / lower / stop), etc .; manage the scenarios programmed by the installer (eg. management of multiple outputs such as “Turn on lights”, “Turn off lights”, etc.); consult and set the temperature and humidity detected by the domus multisensors and program the chronothermostat (heating, air conditioning, schedules, weekly programs, etc.), add the device to Favorites. The display by category or by room can be activated: in the first mode, the sensors, outputs, scenarios and chronothermostats are grouped according to the category set during the programming phase, assuming their characteristic icon. In the room view, on the other hand, they are grouped according to the rooms to which they have been assigned.

lares 4.0 smart home app screens


Control Panel acquisition

After downloading the App, proceed with the first acquisition of the control panel: enter the name and serial number of the control panel, by scanning the QR code using the camera or by typing it manually.
As an optional step, you can enter the IP address, port and secure connection but, if not provided, the connection will be made via Ksenia SecureWeb. Once the PIN has been entered, you can access the Home Page of the App to start managing your control unit.

Disarming, Arming, Partial

From the Home page, three large colored icons immediately highlight the status of the system and simply click on them to arm or disarm the system, in its entirety or partially. Total arming only activates the areas programmed for total arming with or without an entry / exit delay, disarming can be total / partial, partial arming only activates some areas with or without an entry / exit delay. It is possible to have several arming scenarios configured, in which case it is possible to select the desired one from the list. Finally, by clicking on the system status icon, you enter the partition page where you can check their status and enter them manually and individually, without using scenarios.


Inside the Home Page, at the bottom, there is the section dedicated to favorites, that is, all the most used elements that the user always wants to have at hand. You can pair up to three favorites if you are using a smartphone, and up to six favorites if you are using a tablet. To select a new favorite, simply search for it in the App, hold your finger on the icon and click on the star.

Geolocation and weather

On the left side of the dashboard you can see the temperatures, internal and external, detected by the siren or by the keypads present in the system and, on the right, you can read the name of the location where the control unit is installed and an icon that represents the situation weather in that location.

Possibility of choosing the theme

The lares 4.0 App allows you to choose the color of the theme that will be used. By default the theme is light but, by enabling the Dark theme option, the App will take on a dark gray theme. You can make this change by clicking on the gear icon on the Home Page of the App, which contains all the general options.

'Info' section

In the Info section, on the Home Page of the App, you can view the complete profile of the Installer: phone number, email address, company and a photograph of him. It is important to be able to quickly access all the contact details of your certified Installer, thus having timely support in case of need.

Environments for ksenia solutions: home, office, shop, company


User Management

In the Protection section, you can access the User Management page which shows a complete overview of all users authorized to manage the system. By accessing with a “master” type pin, it is possible to completely enable or disable the various standard users, or only some tools available to them for managing the system, such as PIN, Tag and Remote Control. Furthermore, it is possible to change their description and their PIN code which must always be six digits.

Hourly programmer

Within the Protection page, you can access the time programmer: it allows “master” users to plan the execution of certain scenarios, at specific times and days of the week. The start time can be indicated in “hours and minutes”, “sunrise” or “sunset”. The sunrise and sunset values ​​are calculated based on the geographical position (configured latitude and longitude) and the time zone in which the lares 4.0 control panel is installed. In this way, for example, it is sufficient to select “sunset” to start, for example, the irrigation of the lawn or turn on the external lights, without specifying a time but the control unit will run the scenario at sunset time for that period of the year in that specific area. In the programming of the days of the week, it is possible to access the calendar of holidays relating to the country in which the control unit is installed. In this way, the app is able to distinguish weekdays from holidays, thus allowing the programming of a weekly routine that does not include any holidays.

Cameras & event log

On the Protection page, you can access the Event Log to see in detail everything that happened within the system. There is also the possibility of viewing the images saved by the control panel when an alarm, sabotage or sensor masking event has occurred. Thanks to this function it is very simple and fast to check what really happened. Furthermore, by clicking on the Cameras category, it is possible to directly access the live images of the cameras, both locally and remotely


The “Counters” function allows you to count the people who pass through a safety barrier connected to an area, or through one of our curtain motion detectors installed on the entrance / exit doors, but also by reading tags when passing on one of our proximity readers. The counters can be increased, decreased or reset based on the customized actions and can be performed directly from the scenarios. It is possible to view, in real time, the number of people present in a room; measure the flow of people who visit a shop every day; to authorize or deny entry to gyms, cinemas, swimming pools, etc. All this can be monitored within the App or from the ergo-T / ergo-T pro keypads, as well as receiving notifications when a programmable maximum threshold is reached.


On this page you can find the complete list of all the sensors present within your system, with an indication of their status. Each sensor is recognizable because it has a customized icon based on the category to which it belongs, assigned during the programming phase. By clicking on it, a pop-up appears that allows you to exclude or re-include it, also offering you the possibility to add it to your favorites. By touching the funnel icon, however, you can filter the display of the sensors based on their status: you can choose, for example, to display only those that are currently alarmed, in order to understand if and which windows you have possibly left open.


Within the section dedicated to Partitions, you can view the indication of the arming status of that part of the system, any delay times in progress and the ability to arm or disarm the individual partitions. Just click on one of the icons to choose whether to arm or disarm the corresponding partition. Partitions can also be managed within the Dashboard by clicking on the icon in the center of the page.

A secure home and lares 4.0 app screens

Smart Home

Chronothermostat & domus functionality

Through the domus module, which can be installed in any environment, it is possible to manage the chronothermostat to gradually adjust the temperature and humidity, thus adapting the level of comfort to the use of the environment. To access the chronothermostat, just click on the relevant icon in the Smart Home section, where you can find its different operating modes: manual, timed manual, weekly, special 1, special 2 and off. In addition, by accessing the chronothermostat settings, you can choose between the “summer” or “winter” mode, with the ability to customize the temperatures throughout the day.

Home consumption management

The energy BUS peripheral allows you to manage the power used in your single-phase electrical system, in terms of measuring electricity consumption, on each of the two lines present. Indeed, each energy module
it has two distinct lines on which it measures voltage and current. Push notifications and audible alarms are activated when two programmed thresholds are exceeded: one to warn that the maximum consumption has been reached and if no action is taken, after the first disconnection notice, energy disconnects the loads according to the chosen sequence. Consumption and household appliances can be managed and monitored, in real time, within the Smart Home section.

Voice assistants

To activate a voice assistant, chosen between Google Home and Amazon Alexa, it is necessary to proceed with the association of the device: by clicking on Voice assistants, present in the Home Page settings, you will have to choose whether to continue using a Google or Amazon account, by typing the corresponding credentials. After enabling the voice assistant, by entering the PIN code, the control unit is connected to the account. At this point, it is necessary to configure the Google Home or Amazon Alexa App, thus being able to start managing all the Smart devices in your home simply by using your voice: lights, shutters, scenarios, air conditioner and all the desired automations.


The scenarios are managed in the Smart Home section. Within a predefined number of scenarios, linked to the installed control unit model, you can easily choose. the desired combination from the entire range of home automation devices installed, in order to obtain the combination of multiple actions at the same time with a single gesture. By clicking on a single button, therefore, a series of actions are performed simultaneously, such as, for example: lowering the shutters, turning off all the lights and setting the alarm.

Analog output and dimmer function

It is possible to program a terminal (M5) of the auxi expansion module of the lares 4.0 control panel as an analogue output 0-10V, capable of regulating the output voltage. The analog output can be connected to actuators with standard 0-10V input, capable of detecting voltage variations (eg generic dimmers, fan coils, etc.). Programming the analog output of the auxi BUS peripheral as an intensity regulator (DIMMER), allows you to increase / decrease the luminous intensity of a lamp / light, as well as turn it off and on. It is therefore possible to adjust the brightness of the device with a scroll bar: the color intensity varies according to the selected percentage, from 5 to 100% in steps of 0.5 V. The intensity regulator of a light source is managed through the lares 4.0 App and the ergo-T / ergo-T pro touchscreen keypads, as well as by graphic maps, and controllable in real time.


From the Smart Home page it is possible to view the devices by grouping them either by categories (default) or according to the room associated in the programming phase. To switch from one view to another, simply click on the icons located at the top right of the page.

A smart home and lares 4.0 app screens

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