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House exterior

Make the perimeter of your home safe and protected from any thief.


Protect your shop from any intruders.

With the sensor ‘velum‘ you have a shielding barrier on each showcase, with a high degree of reliability and adjustable sensitivity, without incurring false alarms. 

sensore a tenda da ester velum con tettuccio anti pioggia
la sirena da esterno vox con luci di segnalazione e messaggio vocale


Prevent unwanted intrusions.

Choose an outdoor siren that is robust and powerful, capable of signaling the alarm through audible and light alerts. In addition to mono or two-tone sound, vox can also play voice messages.

It has two high-brightness RGB LEDs, used for alarm signals; and a third white LED, used to illuminate the surrounding area. You can choose the modes you prefer for a personalized use of both the lamp and the magnetodynamic speaker.


The outdoor siren that is activated in the event of an alarm.

For the safety of your home and family, choose a powerful siren that acts as an acoustic and light deterrent in the event of an alarm. With an ultramodern design, the siren adapts perfectly to any type of architecture.

You can choose the color you like best and that best suits the exterior walls of your home. The mermaid bottom is available in three color variations: orange, red and blue. For the choice of the front, the proposed colors are: white, gray, blue and green.


Comfort begins outside the home.

Before returning, do you want to deactivate the alarm, open the gate and the entrance door in one fell swoop? By simply holding your personal key close to the ‘flight’ reader, you can perform all the scenarios you want. You can also choose the LED color to be associated with each scenario: red, blue, green, yellow and white.

A small device that allows you to manage every aspect of your home with extreme ease. Activate the scenario you want with the appropriate key, watch the multicolored LED light up and automatically ‘volo’ executes the command.


Comfort and security for your every access.

Choose innovative technology to ensure maximum security at home entrances.
With this keypad you can manage the arming or disarming of the alarm and up to 10 scenarios.
Thanks to the presence of membrane keys, the user experience is unique.

You can choose between two colors: black or gray. Thanks to the multicolored LED, you can check the execution of the command at a glance and have a quick feedback even via a multi-tone buzzer.


Always keep an eye on the external and internal spaces of your shop.

With cameras you can see what happens in your shop whenever you want. Using the App you can check the external perimeter in real time, reaching a distance of 30 meters. In this way you will be able to have control of all your products, even in hidden spaces, thus avoiding possible thefts.

Discover the integration with Milestone

Garden irrigation

Manage the irrigation system.

Choose the convenience of a system that takes care of your garden in total autonomy. You can automate irrigation by managing it on and off via your smartphone.

dashboard lares 4.0 allarme inserito


Manage the security system.

Are you forced to check that the windows and shutters are closed every night?
From today you can simply use your smartphone to: check that all accesses to the house are secure; arm and disarm the alarm manually or by programming the times according to your routine; choose which areas to protect and much more.

Time scheduler

Choose the time and the house will do it for you.

Do you have to remember every evening to water the plants, turn off the lights, close the shutters and set the alarm? With the timer you can let the house do it for you. Just set the days of the week and the times you prefer on your smartphone and all these actions will be performed automatically.

time schedul function in the Security section of the lares 4.0 app
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