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What services do you offer?

With our products you can make your home safe and protected from any unwanted intrusions. In addition to safety, the Ksenia system is able to bring all types of automation into your home: you can turn on the lights with your voice, close the shutters without lifting a finger, program your routine in such a way that the alarm is activated by just have an automatic temperature regulation in each room and much more.

How do I make my home smart?

To introduce home automation at home, the Ksenia Installer will first connect the ‘lares 4.0’ control unit and then together decide which automations to choose based on your wishes. You can automate the temperature in each room; make the opening and closing of gates and entrance doors mechanical and automatic; automate lighting both indoors and in the garden; have an automatic irrigation system and so on. The installer will be able to advise you on the best solutions that suit your needs, illustrating all Ksenia products in detail.

Can I turn on the lights with a voice command?

Of course! Just say “Turn the lights on” and the action will be performed automatically without you having to lift a finger. In addition, you can separate the rooms of the house, thus having control of the lights in every room, including those in the garden.

How can I arm and disarm the alarm with the Voice Assistants?

With Alexa, in order to deactivate the alarm you must have set the corresponding scenario without inserting the pin. With Google Home this step is not covered, therefore, you can communicate the command directly to him and he will execute. Whatever device you have, just say “arm the alarm” or “disarm the alarm” and the action will be performed immediately.

Can I activate the alarm and close the shutters via the App just before leaving the house?

Yes, open the Ksenia App and with a single touch you can command your home to close all the shutters and set the alarm. If you’ve already gone out and forgotten to do so, don’t worry! You can control your alarm and all the automations from the App wherever you are and at any time.

Can i check home cameras while i'm in the office?

Of course! Enter the App, access the “Cameras” section and check in real time that everything is in order. Thus, you can also check that your pets are doing well and are not making any problems.

How can I request a quote?

To receive a quote you must contact the Ksenia installer closest to you. He will make a free inspection of your home and together you will choose the most suitable products to meet your needs. Search by clicking HERE

How can I find a Ksenia Installer?

To find the installer closest to your home, just click HERE and search. Enter the province and all matching results will be shown. For each Installer found, you have his contact details: address, e-mail and telephone number. Contact him and he will come to your home to carry out a free inspection.

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