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Prepare your favorite dishes by monitoring the consumption of appliances and saving on the electricity bill.


Check your consumption.

Tired of constant power outages? With ‘energy’ you will no longer have to choose between oven or washing machine! You can check your consumption at any time and, to avoid waste or excessive expenses, the system will warn you by turning off an appliance of your choice.

micro poli

Protect all entrances to your home!

Choose the best technology to protect all your accesses. With the wireless ‘micro pole’ sensor you have safety and reliability in just one tiny object.
‘micro poli’ is the ideal solution to counteract any unwanted intrusions: it is able to detect the opening of the window, also taking into account its angle of inclination. This makes it perfect for tilt-and-turn windows, tilting windows, etc.


Report the presence of smoke and fires.

Thanks to its elegant and discreet design you will not even notice its presence, but in the event of smoke or the beginning of a fire, ‘nebula’ will detect the emergency and take action to secure your family.

Two versions with a captivating and modern style that adapt perfectly to any type of furniture: one with a silver-colored mesh design; the other of circular glass. You can also choose where to place them, on the wall or ceiling.


Protect all accesses in the house.

Protect your windows from intruders. With the ‘velum’ sensor you have a shielding barrier on every access of the house, with a high degree of reliability and adjustable sensitivity, without incurring false alarms.

A discreet but extremely reliable sensor that evenly covers canopies, porches, under balconies, windows, etc. The sensor itself is protected against any sabotage by an intruder, thanks to the anti-tear and anti-masking.

velum è il sensore a tenda che può essere installato sia all'interno che all'esterno, con la possibilità di utilizzare il tetto anti pioggia.

ergo-T pro

The most advanced keypad ever.

Control every aspect of the house with the touchscreen keypad and with a single touch you can manage alarms, lights, shutters, temperatures, cameras, doors, gates, garages, irrigation, and everything you want.

The touchscreen keypad is the ideal interface to have total control of your Security and Home Automation system. It is modern, extremely powerful and with high brightness, for optimal management both day and night..


A keypad for total control of your home.

Control every aspect of the house with the touchscreen keyboards and with a single touch you can manage alarms, lights, shutters, temperatures, cameras, doors, gates, garages, irrigation, and everything you want.

Touchscreen keypad represent the future in home management. They are innovative, easy to use and extremely elegant. The screen is bright, high resolution and sensitive to the touch, ideal for controlling all automations as well.


Choose the right light.

You can have the right lighting for every room in the house and control its intensity with the ‘dimmer’ function. Choose the ideal light for cooking, just a click on the keyboard or on your smartphone.

Roller Blinds

Manage the shutters.

Choose the convenience of automatic shutters that open and close independently according to your routine. Just set the time on your smartphone to program its movement.


Personalize the temperature in each room.

You can adapt the temperature in the different rooms of the house and manage the various programmable thermostats according to your habits. You can choose between “summer” or “winter” to customize your comfort.

domus è il sensore multi-funzione da interno studiato per sviluppare il tuo impianto domotico

Voice assistants

Communicate with your home using your voice.

Control every aspect of the home by simply using your voice. Voice assistants not only help you with cooking times, but also simplify the management of all your automations.

Good morning scenery

Choose a comfortable awakening with the house that gives you a good morning. You can program the morning scenario so that the system autonomously disarms the alarm, raises the shutters, turns on the coffee machine and much more. Enjoy your breakfast in peace!

scenario buongiorno, con un solo gesto, tramite l'APP lares 4.0 puoi: disinserire l'allarme, spegnere tutte le luci, alzare le tapparelle e, se la tua caffettiera lo permette anche preparare il cff
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