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micro poli

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micro poli is the most compact wireless sensor on the market and with a huge added factor.
In fact, thanks to its advanced technology, micro poli represent much more than a simple magnetic contact. micro poli is an anti-masking magnetic contact to detect the opening of doors and windows; it is an inertial sensor, for the detection of increasing vibrations up to the breaking of glass and windows; is able to accurately detect the opening angle of any type of window. This last function is extremely useful in the case of vasistas, tilt-and-turn windows, etc. In fact, being a state-of-the-art sensor, it incorporates a three-axis accelerometer that measures the angle of inclination of the frame on which it is installed, thus generating an alarm if the frame exceeds the programmed inclination angle.

Its positioning can be customized according to different needs and installed, not only on windows, but also on entrances and doors of various thicknesses.
Thanks to a careful design of the container, micro poli is perfectly able to withstand humidity and condensation.

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