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Make your shop perimeter safe and secure from any thieves.


Protect your shop from any intruders.

With the sensor ‘velum’you have a shielding barrier on each showcase, with a high degree of reliability and adjustable sensitivity, without incurring false alarms.

A discreet but extremely reliable sensor that evenly covers canopies, porches, under balconies, windows, etc. The sensor itself is protected against any sabotage by an intruder, thanks to the anti-tear and anti-masking.

sensore a tenda da ester velum con tettuccio anti pioggia

micro poli

Secure all entrances!

Choose the best technology to protect all your accesses. With the wireless ‘micro pole’ sensor you have safety and reliability in just one tiny object.
‘micro poli’ is the ideal solution to counteract any unwanted intrusions: it is able to detect the opening of the window, also taking into account its angle of inclination. This makes it perfect for tilt-and-turn windows, tilting windows, etc.


Always keep an eye on the external and internal spaces of your shop.

With cameras you can see what happens in your shop whenever you want. Using the App you can check the external perimeter in real time, reaching a distance of 30 meters. In this way you will be able to have control of all your products, even in hidden spaces, thus avoiding possible thefts.

Discover the integration with Milestone

counter function of the Security section of the lares 4.0 app


Measure the performance of your business.

How many of those who entered bought something? You can measure the flow of people who visit your store every day and, based on the receipts issued, analyze the performance.

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