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lares 4.0 control panel, easy, home automation lares 4.0 control panel, easy, integrated lares 4.0 control panel, easy, safe

lares 4.0: your smart home

Innovation and technological revolution: with a single control panel, it is possible to create a complete security and home automation system.

Life is too hard not to have a smart home! Every gesture becomes simple, even your daily routine ones.

The scalability offered by Ksenia Security guarantees the compatibility of all the next Ksenia Security devices with the lares 4.0 control panel.

Ksenia pays particular attention to details: the lares 4.0 system perfectly fits with any architectural style.

A smart home is a safer home: fire detection and suppression system, monitors security cameras in real time, prevents blackouts.

Open the gate to the courier from your smartphone, control your coffee maker with a voice command and enjoy. Comfort is just one click away!

The ability to set the temperature, program the chronothermostat and manage the electrical loads, allows greater management of consumption, therefore more savings! Less consumption, more energy and monetary savings = sustainability - we care

lares 4.0


'lares', a deity worshiped by the Romans, overseeing the fortunes in the house.

lares 4.0 is the system guaranteed by Ksenia Security that protects your home with
simplicity and automates every action in one click.

All your environments can be integrated

How much value do you give to the security of your home and family?
Make the right choice!

Before deciding to install a security system, we want you to know all the advantages that a professional installer can offer you. Today, as you certainly know ...

lares 4.0 control panel





home automation


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