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Why should you contact a professional in the sector?

What are the advantages of choosing Ksenia?

  • Our systems are constantly updated, tested in the laboratory and monitored by our Developers.
  • The security system you install is connected with supervisory bodies and / or law enforcement agencies.
  • A Professional will always be at your disposal, directly at your home and / or remotely.
  • Our products are made in Italy, certified according to European standards EN50131 – Grade 3 and durable over time.
  • The Ksenia system is professional, based on the most advanced hardware and software technologies.
  • You can control every aspect of your home, day and night 24/7, via your smartphone: alarm, doors, windows, cameras, lights, temperature, appliances, irrigation and anything else you want.
  • Ksenia products also have a unique, discreet and elegant design, becoming one with your furniture.

Each Ksenia professional installer follows a constant training program, which includes four certification categories:

  • Selected Certified Installer
icona di identificazione del livello di certificazione selezionato
  • Silver Certified Installer
icona di identificazione del livello di certificazione Silver
  • Gold Certified Installer
  • Specialist Certified Installer

It is a training course that installers follow with dedication to always be up-to-date and ready to fulfill your every need.

Why should you contact a professional in the sector?

Before deciding to install a security system, we want you to know all the advantages of requesting the support of a professional installer.
Today, as you certainly know, many brands offer you the opportunity to buy their products, in store or online, and to assemble them in total autonomy. This aspect is tempting and we are convinced that we can also save some money.

The reality, unfortunately, is quite different.

Behind the installation of a security system, which is reliable and offers real guarantees, there is a whole range of knowledge and skills acquired in the field.
The construction of an anti-intrusion system requires strict, but very fair, rules and regulations that determine its quality and durability over time.
For several years now, we at Ksenia Security have been carrying out a certification process to verify and certify the quality of the materials used, so as to be able to offer solutions that truly reflect the customer’s expectations.

After all, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to Security: if you install a security system purchased on the internet, what guarantees do you have? If tomorrow something breaks or no longer works, who can you contact? Who gives you the certainty that, in case of intruders, the system is working correctly? If you need help assembling a product, who do you call?

The safety of your home and your family is invaluable and choosing a serious company represents an investment for life.

What value does the security of your home and family have for you?
Make the right choice!

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