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Ksenia Security is an Italian company operating in the Security and Home Automation sectors.


Research and development

Ksenia Security is an Italian company active in the Security (Intrusion, Access Control and Video Surveillance) and Home & Building Automation fields. We develop and manufacture innovative solutions designed for residential, commercial and industrial markets. We combine a guaranteed cutting-edge technology with a high level of user-friendliness.


The company develops and manufactures mostly all products in Italy, always following Italian quality and traditions. Every activity, from the design up to the final realization, takes place directly in its workplace, creating a strong sense of belonging. It is a company constantly engaged in the search for innovations, with the mission of developing reliable certified devices through cutting-edge technology.


Ksenia Security has a wide distribution network, operating worldwide in 70 countries. It cooperates with the best partners in order to offer the best integrated solutions for the customers. Ksenia system is compatible with various third-party systems such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, Crestron and Control4 smart home solutions in addition to the integration with KNX, Milestone, Nuance and much more.

Ksenia’s inherently distinctive marks are: Design, Made in Italy,Innovation and Eco-sustainability. These core values are the pillars on which stand the production.


Our mission is to create reliable products with great technological innovation. How do we do it? Listening to the needs of the market. Thanks to our R&D team, we are committed to respond effectively to today’s needs, placing the emphasis on originality and ease of use. This attitude is expressed in our APPs for User and Installer that allow remote management and configuration, through an extremely intuitive interface and surprising graphic customization.

Attention to the environment and eco-sustainability

Ksenia Security has always been at the forefront and pioneer of environmental sustainability, combining technological innovation with an eco-friendly lifestyle.

This philosophy, which is also our responsibility, has an impact on many aspects of corporate life. In fact, in line with the trend and diffusion of a more conscious approach, Ksenia Security pays particular attention to the choice of: materials relating to printed circuits which must be free of halogen and chromium; packaging for the packaging of products made with recycled fibers; local suppliers and partners that allow to shorten the supply chain and save in terms of CO2.

Even our headquarters, located in Ripatransone in the province of Ascoli Piceno, represents a low environmental impact technological reality that independently produces renewable energy, thanks to the photovoltaic system installed on the roof, thus contributing to a more sustainable development.

Therefore, the company produces products that allow you to manage all the comfort parameters according to your personal needs, guaranteeing you a home system with a low environmental impact.


  • 2021

    Corporate transformation.

    In May, the transition from Srl to S.p.A. officially takes place. while maintaining the same corporate composition. This confirms the extraordinary and constant growth of the company.

  • 2020

    Innovating to overcome adversity.

    Despite the advent of Covid-19, new, and very important, products are being developed. Specifically, the following are created: 'energy', a module for monitoring electricity consumption; the 'IoT door' to let thousands of different IoT devices communicate and, finally, the 'IP Zones' that allow cameras to be used to detect the movement of an intruder and trigger the alarm. An important function is also implemented to maintain access control, useful for avoiding gatherings inside shops, workplaces, public places, etc.

  • 2019

    New modern and eco-sustainable headquarters.

    The company is experiencing significant changes and developments: in June it moves to a new, modern and eco-sustainable headquarters, designed to have a low environmental impact. The staff is enriched with new staff with the hiring of new young talents. In November, during the sixth participation in Fiera Sicurezza Milano, the official partnership with the company Optex, a technological leader in the field of outdoor detection, is announced. The brand new 'gemino IoT' is presented, the communicator that allows data connection in 4G and, finally, integration with the Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

  • 2018

    Smart Home and BMS.

    New functions are integrated in the field of home automation and Building Management System, with the implementation of various peripherals: the 'ergo-T' touchscreen keyboard, the 'auxi-H' module for lights and shutters and the 'domus' multifunction sensor. Finally, integration with Crestron is undertaken.

  • 2017

    Revolution 4.0.

    A turning point in the technological field: the 4.0 revolution takes place with the launch on the market of the new 'lares 4.0' control units, from 16 to 644 zones. A unique platform, never seen before. The same plant is presented to the public for the first time during the fifth participation in Fiera Sicurezza Milano.

  • 2016

    Programming also from mobile.

    The 'lares wls' control unit is born and the first version of the 'Ksenia PRO' Installer App is released, thus allowing the system to be configured remotely.

  • 2015

    To the cloud.

    In June, the first version of the 'lares 4.0' user app was launched, available for smartphones and tablets. In November, with the fourth participation in Fiera Sicurezza Milano, there was the official presentation of the modern IoT stations, the SecureWeb configuration platform and the integration with Control4.

  • 2014

    The complete Ksenia system is born.

    'Velum' outdoor sensors are launched on the market; the free DNS service is born and there is the possibility of networking more control units for systems with over 1000 zones. During the third participation in Fiera Sicurezza Milano, the new user interfaces are presented: the ergo-S and ergo-M keyboards.

  • 2013

    New headquarters.

    In January, the transfer to a new location in Ripatransone takes place, with the increase of new staff in the workforce. Following the work of the previous year, new developments in the wireless field are implemented: 'auxi wls' is born, the first peripheral dedicated exclusively to the Smart Home, and the outdoor siren 'imago wls'.

  • 2012

    Wireless extension and CCTV.

    The 'lares' series of control panels is enriched with radio products, ONVIF video integration and the Konnex Gateway. The centralization and supervision device for the installed control units is launched on the market. We are the first in Italy to obtain EN50131 grade 3 certifications. The design of all the radio peripherals is perfected, so that there is stylistic coherence with the wired part. In November, the second participation in Fiera Sicurezza Milano with the presentation of the 'opera' radio control.

  • 2011

    Variety of colors.

    Two wired sirens are developed: indoor 'radius' and outdoor 'imago'. Particular attention is paid to the chromatic varieties, maintaining a sober and minimalist design. In addition, the temperature sensor is integrated inside the sirens.

  • 2010

    Foundation year of the company.

    A few months after the start of operations, 'lares' was born: the first plant in Italy with an integrated card. 'Lares' is completely remotely manageable, has scenario logic, WebServer with graphic maps and management of the Loquendo speech synthesis system. In June, the first 'gemino' communicator was born, with related pluses, and the 'unum' motion detectors and in November the first participation in Fiera Sicurezza Milano took place.


A charismatic trio and the strong ambitions of which gave birth to Ksenia Security: a company founded, first of all, on the great wealth of experience and the growing passion of three men who shared a dream. With dedication, commitment and perseverance, they reached the goal in 2010, laying solid foundations for a future characterized by design, technological innovation, Made in Italy and eco-sustainability.

Research & Development Team

A young and cohesive team, deeply motivated by a passion for technology. The team is made up of the Hardware, Software and Firmware department. The backbone is innovation that blends with a constant search for originality and ease of use.

Technical Assistance Team

This all-male team is the true voice of the company. Listening is their great talent and, thanks to a deep technical knowledge, they are masters in supporting Installers and Distributors in the most complex situations.

Team Marketing

Key word: creativity. The team fully embraces the company philosophy, communicating the founding values ​​externally. The goal is to understand the customer’s needs and convey the potential of Ksenia solutions.

Production team

The arms of the company are theirs: they assemble, test, pack and ship every single Ksenia product. It is a well-established chain, in constant communication with the sales department.

Administration Team

Passionate and brilliant, they keep a watchful eye on every accounting aspect of the company. This all-female team boasts strong team spirit and great attention to detail.

Customer Service Team

Great availability and strong empathy characterize the team that is in contact with customers on a daily basis. The goal is to understand the customer’s needs and offer the best commercial support.

Purchasing Team

The team is in close contact with suppliers and systematically carries out precise analyzes with the aim of evaluating the best quality / price ratio, based on the highest standards dictated by current regulations.

Sales Team

Organization and planning are the strengths of the team.
Throughout the entire sales process, each business is closely related to the customer’s needs.

Team Ricerca & Sviluppo

Un team giovane e coeso, profondamente motivato dalla passione per la tecnologia. La squadra è composta dal reparto Hardware, Software e Firmware. La colonna portante è l’innovazione che si fonde con una costante ricerca di originalità e semplicità d’uso.

Team Assistenza Tecnica

Questo team tutto al maschile è la vera voce dell’azienda. Ascoltare è il loro grande talento e, grazie ad una profonda conoscenza tecnica, sono maestri nel supportare gli Installatori e i Distributori nelle situazioni più complesse.

Team Marketing

Parola chiave: creatività. Il team abbraccia a pieno la filosofia aziendale, comunicando all’esterno i valori fondanti. L’obiettivo è comprendere le esigenze del cliente e trasmettere le potenzialità delle soluzioni Ksenia.

Team produzione

Le braccia dell’azienda sono loro: assemblano, testano, imballano e spediscono ogni singolo prodotto Ksenia. È una catena ben collaudata, in costante comunicazione con il reparto vendite.

Team Amministrazione

Appassionate e brillanti, mantengono lo sguardo vigile su ogni aspetto contabile dell’azienda. Questo team tutto al femminile vanta forte spirito di squadra e grande cura per i dettagli.  

Team Customer Service

Grande disponibilità e spiccata empatia caratterizzano il team che, quotidianamente, è a contatto con la clientela. L’obiettivo è comprendere le esigenze del cliente e offrire il miglior supporto in ambito commerciale.

Team Acquisti

Il team è a stretto contatto con i fornitori e svolge sistematicamente precise analisi con l’obiettivo di valutare il miglior rapporto qualità/prezzo, in base ad elevatissimi standard dettati dalle normative vigenti.

Team Vendite

Organizzazione e pianificazione sono i punti di forza del team.
Durante l’intero processo di vendita, ogni attività commerciale è strettamente correlata alle esigenze del cliente.

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