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Make the office comfortable and safe.

ergo-T pro

The most advanced keyboard ever.

Control every aspect of the house with the touchscreen keypad and with a single touch you can manage alarms, lights, shutters, temperatures, cameras, doors, gates, garages, irrigation, and everything you want.

The touchscreen keyboard is the ideal interface to have total control of your Security and Home Automation system. It is modern, extremely powerful and with high brightness, for optimal management both day and night.

il sensore da interno multi-funzione domus alloggiato su scatola 503


Customize the temperature.

You can adapt the temperature inside the reception and manage the chronothermostat as you wish. You can choose between “summer” or “winter” to personalize and share the comfort with your guests.


Choose the right light.

You can adjust the light intensity in each office according to your needs. Using the ‘dimmer’ function you can create the ideal environment to have the right level of concentration.

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