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We are pleased to present you the 2023 Sustainability Report!

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2023 Sustainability Report Ksenia Security
copertina brochure sostenibilità 2023 Ksenia Security

We are pleased to present you the 2023 Sustainability Report!

With great enthusiasm, we are pleased to present our 2023 Sustainability Report: a document produced with the valuable collaboration of Deloitte, which reflects our ongoing commitment to environmental, social and governance responsibility.

Every detail of the Sustainability Report 2023 has been taken care of with meticulous precision, demonstrating the company’s great cooperation in communicating its sustainability data in a transparent and accurate way.

Behind this commitment is a deep purpose that permeates everything we do: to help people find a “new inner peace” through our solutions.

In this article, we explore the key findings of our analysis and show how our values translate into concrete actions for a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Governance and Compliance

In 2023, we continued to cultivate a corporate culture of transparency and integrity. Our governance strictly adheres to laws and regulations, promoting impeccable business ethics and transparent communication. This ongoing commitment has enabled us to consolidate our position in the sector, guided by values of responsibility and consistency.

Product quality and innovation

Our relentless pursuit of perfection guided every step in 2023 towards the continuous improvement of our products and services, focusing on customer satisfaction and enhancing the user experience. By actively collaborating with companies, universities, and research institutes, we have created synergies aimed at creating value through sharing. Our innovation is not limited to products, but also extends to processes: we have significantly strengthened cybersecurity at our headquarters and improved our IT infrastructure.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is at the heart of Ksenia Security’s corporate culture, which is committed to creating an inclusive working environment that respects human rights. We promote a working environment where no form of discrimination is tolerated and actively support the professional development of employees through training programmes.

We care about the wellbeing of every team member from their first day at the company, launching welcome and inclusion initiatives that provide a detailed overview of our activities and foster an authentic sense of belonging. In 2023, we strengthened our commitment to local communities by launching a series of initiatives to support associations and organizations that work every day on issues close to our hearts.

Starting from 2023, Ksenia actively participated in the project “Purple Points” of DonneXStrada. The initiative aims to create safe places in shops open to the public, aiming at raising awareness against gender-based violence and for street safety. Each “Punto Viola” is a reference in the territory, equipped with tools to welcome people in difficult situations, thanks to the awareness and training carried out by professionals. Ksenia Security is one of the top 200 “Purple Points” in the country.

In addition, we have consolidated relations with the Association ‘Michelepertutti” of San Benedetto del Tronto, which is part of the Association “Children of the Fairies”, which has as its vision the improvement of the living conditions of children with developmental delays and their families, spreading the culture of early diagnosis and giving psychological support to families.

Environmental Responsibility

We have always been committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities, with a long-term vision that combines technological innovation and environmentally sustainable practices. This approach is reflected in the creation of our products, which are designed to allow our customers to manage their home comfort in a personalised way, while ensuring a low environmental impact.

To promote environmental protection in all its forms, we adopt a series of concrete measures: from the choice of materials for printed circuit boards that are free of halogens and chromium, to the use of packaging made from recycled fibres to the preference for local suppliers that reduce CO2 emissions, to the optimisation of the life cycle of our products.

Our headquarters in Ripatransone, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, is a concrete example of our commitment to a sustainable future: equipped with a photovoltaic system on the roof, the building produces its own renewable energy, helping to further reduce our environmental impact.

Last year we recorded a reduction in energy consumption, the result of initiatives to promote a corporate culture aimed at reducing waste and adopting sustainable practices with high energy efficiency.

2023 marked an important step forward in our commitment to increasingly sustainable business practices, with significant results in reducing emissions and optimising our processes.


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2023 Sustainability Report

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