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lares 4.0 wls 96

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The wireless system of Ksenia Security

‘lares 4.0 wls’ control panel allows you to create a wireless system that perfectly adapts to the most varied installation needs. Equipped with bidirectional wireless technology and Ethernet port, it always guarantees maximum security.

Il kit completo per lares 4.0 wireless_sensori e telecomando
planimetria mappa grafica di  impianto lares 4.0 wls

Easy installation:

Installing a wireless system is quick and easy, as your home doesn’t require any structural work. In this way, a specialized installer can set up the system quickly and your home will be protected immediately.

With lares 4.0 wls it is possible to create a wireless system that perfectly adapts to the most varied installation needs, especially in situations where the installation of a wired system is not practical or advisable.
When choosing the ideal solution to protect your home, Ksenia Security offers the possibility of creating a complete, flexible and professional wireless system.

Our range of wireless devices

Ksenia security offers a range of wireless devices such as sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, user interfaces to guarantee flexibility and optimal performance:

icona del prodotto poli


it is a small wireless magnetic contact designed to be installed on any window frames in your home……find out more

icona del prodotto nanus poli


it is a small wireless magnetic contact that is almost invisible after installation…..find out more

icona del prodotto micro poli

micro poli

it is a wireless sensor with many functions: it detects vibrations, and is able to discriminate the angle of inclination of any type of window opening…..find out more

icona del prodotto opera


it is a wireless remote control that simplifies your daily actions.
It allows you to activate up to 7 different scenarios and provides you with the status of your security system….find out more

icona del prodotto ergo

ergo wls

it is a completely wireless indoor keypad with the same clean design of the ergo-M.
It allows the arming and disarming of the intrusion system, or the activation of scenarios realized with lares 4.0 series devices…..find out more

icona del prodotto velum


it is a dual technology motion sensor that, thanks to its structure, can be installed both outside and inside any building…..find out more

icona del prodotto velum-C


it is a motion sensor that can be installed both indoor and outdoor, near large house entrances…..find out more

unum-X ST-DT wls

unum-X is an indoor motion sensor that guarantees the highest degree of reliability without incurring any false alarms……find out more

icona del prodotto nebula


it is a detector capable of promptly reporting the presence of smoke inside the home…find out more

icona del prodotto imago sirena da estaerno

imago wls

it is an outdoor siren that perfectly adapts to any type of installation. It is made of high quality polycarbonate that guarantees a great resistance over time……find out more

When choosing the ideal solution, Ksenia Security offers the possibility of creating a complete, flexible, and professional wireless system, installed by an expert of our system. The installer will not only ensure that your equipment is strategically placed throughout your home but will also provide you with a highly skilled after-sales service.

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