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Irrigation function: take care of the lawn with ‘lares 4.0’ and Ksenia home automation

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During the summer, when temperatures are high, providing your garden with the right amount of water is essential, but it is not always possible to carry out this task manually and, above all, on a daily basis.

Thus, to avoid neglecting our lawn, many solutions have been created that allow the irrigation system to start automatically, a function also available in the ‘lares 4.0’ control panel.

Irrigation: the integrated home automation of ‘lares 4.0’

‘lares 4.0’ is the perfect solution for the smart home management: this control panel contains functions in terms of Security and Home Automation, so as to offer the end user the highest levels of reliability in terms of Anti-intrusion, Video Verification, Access Control and management of home automation.

Also the irrigation function it is part of the Home Automation technology developed by Ksenia Security.

Once the irrigation system has been created, it is therefore possible to automate it, setting an associated scenario and thus making start-up and shutdown autonomous.

Furthermore, it is possible to program the power on and off sprinklers, thus avoiding wasting water unnecessarily. This, in line with the company philosophy, contributes to achieving a lower impact on the environment and on the resources at our disposal, while preserving the value of eco-sustainability.

Setting and management of the Irrigation function

The Irrigation function can be configured by the Ksenia certified installer, but can also be managed independently by the user. The scenario in question can be accessed from our ‘ergo-T’ or ‘ergo-T plus’ keyboards, or directly from the ‘lares 4.0’ App.

At the time of configuration, the programming options have been designed thinking of the multitude of routines that each user could experience and, for this reason, the irrigation function is customizable and modifiable at any time.

In fact, it is possible to set a daily or weekly routine for switching the irrigation system on and off, thus establishing how long the system must remain in operation. Also, you can choose the sunrise / sunset programming.

In the latter case, the geographical position and the time zone set in the control unit will allow the irrigation system to start, once the “sunrise” or “sunset” item has been selected. The plant will recognize the respective time slots for that period of the year and for that geographical area, thus independently starting the irrigation system.

Furthermore, ‘lares 4.0’ is able to distinguish weekdays from holidays, giving the user the possibility to exclude the latter. In this way, those who love to devote themselves to gardening and enjoy moments of relaxation by taking care of their green space, will be able to irrigate it independently during the weekend or holidays.

Irrigation function: useful for home use and beyond

The ability to start the irrigation system automatically is a convenience, both in the home and in the public environment. Private, condominium or corporate green areas, parks or public gardens, tourist attractions, resorts or other, are all united by the constant water requirement of the turf, in order to keep it healthy and thriving.

Therefore, it does not matter the extent of the lawn to be managed: the Irrigation functionality of Ksenia Security will help you take care of it.

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