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Home burglar alarm: which one to choose and which features to consider

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The home burglar alarm is a fundamental component for the security of the home and loved ones but, often, in order to choose the right one that best suits our needs, we run into a vast and not always understandable choice, due to the great variety of models and possibilities offered by the technology sector.

So here is a short guide to understand which alarm system to choose, with what criteria this should be selected and what types we can find on the market.

How to choose the alarm system

Before going into the best home burglar alarm systems and not only that, it is good to understand which aspects must be evaluated before purchasing.

First, to choose the perfect home burglar alarm for us, you need to identify and analyze your protection needs. First of all, there are two possible scenarios to consider: the alarm for a single house, often with a garden, or the alarm for an apartment.

House alarm with garden

If we have a house with a garden, we should absolutely set the protection starting from the outside, to protect ourselves not only from intrusion but also from the simple approach of malicious people in the external area.
In this case, in addition to the classic protection systems for the home, we will find other devices such as, for example, the perimeter, able to offer a high level of protection. These, in fact, work with two sensors, one emitting and one receiving, which constitute a sort of “invisible wall” between one point and the other of the perimeter of our garden: when this wall is crossed, the alarm is triggered.

In addition to this system, there are other technologies that can protect the garden and, therefore, the house from the entry of strangers or malicious people: there are outdoor sensors able to detect anomalous movements outside the home, by detecting sudden changes in temperature.

They are cheaper systems than the two-sensor infrared systems explained above but still manage to serve quite large areas.

To all this, of course, must be added the video surveillance systems, with the relative cameras, very important not only to prevent unwanted entrances but, above all, to find out what happens in our garden in real time and possibly record significant events to then deliver them to the competent authorities.

House alarm without garden

If we find ourselves having to protect an apartment within a condominium, the assessments to be made change. In this case, all the perimeter protection part has less importance because the areas to be covered are not very large. On the other hand, all those systems to discourage intrusions from doors and windows assume great importance.

When we talk about indoor anti-theft devices, therefore, we mainly refer to volumetric sensors that trace the movement: sensors to be applied on doors and windows as soon as they lose contact with each other, they cause the alarm to go off.

As regards the internal alarms, there are different signaling possibilities: from the classic siren which has the function of attracting attention and inducing the thief to flee, up to the fog sensors that are activated when the alarm signal is activated and prevent the thief from escaping, introducing a dense fog inside the room, absolutely not toxic to people or animals.

In conclusion, based on the surface to be defended and the level of security we wish to have, it is possible to opt for one or more types of sensors and combine them, at the same time, with different intrusion signaling systems.

Choose the best home alarm system: manage devices

Another factor that should not be underestimated is the management, in practical terms, of these devices. To do this, it is necessary to purchase simple and comfortable systems that also allow remote consultation, in cases of real or presumed intrusion.

In this sense, products such as Ksenia burglar alarm they are ideal for keeping your home safe, being able to customize the management and composition of your own home alarm system.


All devices of Ksenia Security, including the control panel that commands them, can be managed through the lares 4.0 App to ensure remote control, both in the event of any intrusions and for arming and detaching the alarm. Furthermore, they integrate perfectly with all other Ksenia’s devices for home automation.

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