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Ksenia Security embraces the Global Goals: responsible consumption and production

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Ksenia Security supports the Global Goals
Ksenia Security Embraces The Global Goals: Responsible Consumption And Production

Ksenia Security embraces the Global Goals: responsible consumption and production

The resources consumed by the world’s population far exceed the capacity of ecosystems to supply them. This is the harsh reality: the population is growing and if we are not able to use resources responsibly, our planet will suffer irreversible damage.

According to United Nations data, about a third of the food produced ends up as consumer waste or spoils because of transport systems or inadequate agricultural practices. This leads to a great imbalance that requires immediate action to ensure sustainable and economic development that benefits the planet and future generations. To ensure that natural resources do not run out at an unsustainable rate, the community must face radical change, from the responsible consumption of goods at home to an organized and sustainable production model by businesses. It is necessary to implement new technologies, renewable energies and eco-friendly production processes that reduce the overall ecological footprint. In addition, it is necessary to raise awareness and educate the population to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

This is a collective commitment that involves citizens, companies, and governments, with the primary goal of limiting environmental degradation, thus opening the way for new economic, employment and social opportunities.

What actions does Ksenia Security take?

Ksenia Security places sustainability at the heart of every industrial process: all operational phases, from design to production and assembly, are environmentally friendly, with the primary objective of avoiding waste. In line with our sustainable approach, we care about the choice of materials related to printed circuit that must be chrome-free, as well as the packaging of products, made from recycled fibers and 100% plastic free! Another sustainable choice concerns the selection of local suppliers, allowing to shorten the supply chain and save in terms of CO2, without ever compromising the beauty and efficiency of our highly innovative products. The zero-waste vision is also adopted in offices, where the activation of lights and heating/cooling systems is programmed through the home automation scenarios of the Ksenia Security system.

Choosing Ksenia Security means fully respecting our planet, leaving a healthier and more prosperous world for our children!


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