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Discover unum-X: our new sensor range!

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unum-X sensors Ksenia Security
Discover Unum-X, The New Sensor Range From Ksenia Security

Discover unum-X: our new sensor range!

Whether it is a private home, a company or a shop, the idea of receiving unwanted visits is far from pleasant. Therefore, the installation of a sophisticated intrusion detection system is essential to protect any type of environment from possible intrusion. An alarm system can be customized by adding a range of devices to meet specific needs. Today we will explore the importance of integrating professional motion detectors into your system to ensure maximum protection.

Sensors are electronic devices designed to detect the presence of people, animals and moving objects within their range. They are true sentinels, able to provide constant 24-hour protection and, if they detect an abnormal situation, they report the criticality to the system, which in turn generates a notification event for the system’s owner, who can then take immediate action.

Models and features

The classification of these devices is based on the technology used to detect motion. Infrared (PIR) sensors are mainly used for home security and are activated when they detect a temperature change within a room. More specifically, dual technology sensors combine the use of PIR and microwave and are extremely useful for protecting large areas and preventing false alarms in homes with small pets, making the alarm even safer. In addition, if fitted with anti-masking functionality, they will immediately alert the control panel if the sensor lens is blocked by a potential intruder.

The importance of their positioning

A key consideration when choosing to place sensors in your home is how to position them to ensure optimum operation and maximize their effectiveness. This is why it is essential to rely on an expert installer of security systems, who will carry out a careful on-site assessment of the environment to be protected. He will be able to identify the most vulnerable areas and proposing the most suitable sensor and the ideal location for its installation. In short, motion detectors are good allies in ensuring the effectiveness of security systems, whether for a private home, a business or even an industrial site. They are able to detect unauthorized intrusion or suspicious activity, which significantly increases the level of security and overall reliability of the alarm system.

unum-X: the new sensor range from Ksenia Security

Ksenia Security has developed unum-X, a line of indoor motion sensors. unum-X has a minimal and elegant aesthetic and has been designed to offer maximum reliability without causing false alarms. Its innovative Tough Mod2 TM technology provides superior resistance to heat and moisture, ensuring a long working life even in the harshest environments. It is equipped with a rotating lens that can cover both a long radius and a wide angle, depending on the environment to be protected, making it perfect for securing both large and narrow areas such as windows, corridors and more. This allows you to have two functions in one solution, without the need to purchase additional sensors!

Models and features

unum-X is available in two unum-X ST-DT and unum-X DT/AM models. The unum-X ST version offers infrared detection while the unum-X DT uses dual technology. Both models allow the activation of the “pet immunity” function to prevent false alarms caused by our four-legged friends when the system is armed. They are available in the wired, BUS and wireless versions. unum-X DT/AM is the most complete and advanced version: in addition to the dual technology, it integrates functions such as anti-masking and anti-strip to prevent any attempt of sabotage or unwanted intrusion. The sensor is GRADE 3 certified for its high reliability and is also available in BUS version.

unum-X: the ideal sensor for complete and reliable security

The new unum-X sensor series is perfectly compatible with all Ksenia lares 4.0 control panels: when suspicious anomalies are detected, the sensors immediately send a signal to the control panel and simultaneously generate a push sound notification within the lares 4.0 user App. This way, the intruders will have no escape and the owner can act immediately! Its wide range of features and innovative technology allow unum-X to meet different installation needs, making it the ideal choice for intrusion detection in residential, commercial, industrial, even in sensitive sites such as banks, museums and government institutions that require the highest level of security.

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