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Control Panel Ksenia lares 4.0: the most complete IoT platform for Home Automation

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La piattaforma IoT più evoluta di sempre è lares 4.0 per Domotica e Sicurezza

The so-called “Internet of things“, and commonly abbreviated to IoT, is spreading more and more. The connected devices that can interact with the network and transfer data and information are gradually increasing in number and are increasingly being used. Ksenia Security systems allow you to manage the various devices that we can use at home, taking advantage of a home automation platform such as central lares 4.0, the perfect and most advanced solution for both Physical Security (Intrusion, Video Surveillance, Against Access) and Home & Building Automation.

The use of a single centralization platform guarantees the use of the devices connected to it even in the event of a lack of internet connection via the home ADSL.

IoT platforms what are they

An IoT platform is a set of technologies, software and APIs that allow you to talk to your physical objects, whatever they are. In the case of the Ksenia lares 4.0 home automation control unit, it is a system that connects the various intelligent IoT solutions concerning Intrusion, Video surveillance, Access Control, Home automation and Building Automation: from the management of lights, climate, irrigation and of automatic shutters, up to the management of any automation or household appliance.

Ksenia lares 4.0: hybrid and modular Home Automation Control Panel

The term “lares” derives from the Latin according to which the “Lares”, in ancient Rome, represented the deities who protected the domus, that is the house, and therefore also the family.

lares 4.0 is the hybrid IoT platform designed by Ksenia Security to adapt perfectly to any type of installation. It is equipped with Ethernet connection native with 4G back-up and can be remotely configured, by connecting to the Ksenia SecureWeb cloud.

There are six versions, wired and wireless, and a version Full Wireless with lares 4.0 WLS 96: these allow you to manage lights, climate, irrigation systems and shutters, in short, any type of automation or household appliance in the house.

lares 4.0 user app

All versions are manageable from smartphones and tablets through theLares 4.0 app, available for free for iOS and Android operating systems. Through a series of modules connected directly to the control panel, it is possible to send voice calls, including to law enforcement agencies, SMS messages, push notifications, e-mails and alarm reports to private security guards.

Thanks to the extreme ease of use, lares 4.0 allows you to monitor all the different functions: the user, without having to resort to the intervention of the installer, can decide which ones Push notifications receive on your smartphone or tablet. The interface presents a dashboard with temperatures and weather forecasts, usable through scrolling navigation. Could be customized by the user through the use of favorites and the choice of background color. The lares 4.0 App is divided into three sections: Security, Dashboard e Smart Home.

In the first, it is possible to view the event log, from which you can check all the actions performed and the events generated, with the possibility of consulting the images of the cameras saved automatically following an alarm. It is also possible to check the status of all sensors, manage the timer, view the details of any faults and access user management. In the Home you can see the status of the entire system and you can quickly check the arming or disarming of the alarm system. The third and last section is entirely dedicated to the home automation part: on this page the user can control all the automations divided into categories and have full control of lights, shutters, programmable thermostats, scenarios, and much more.

The application is extremely flexible and allows you to set the page view also for rooms; this facilitates programming and detailed viewing of the entire system. Furthermore, lares 4.0 is fully integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

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