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I want to become a Ksenia Installer

Ksenia Security offers its Installers a whole free of charge E-learning platform, with video tutorials and educational content on the more technical aspects of the products.
By leveraging the Certification Program, you can evaluate your skill level and increase your professionalism. By participating you will increase your visibility on our website and on the End User App, thus acquiring new customers through free advertising.
The certification process includes four categories: Selected Installer, Silver Certified Installer, Gold Certified Installer, Specialist Certified Installer.
The higher your Certification level, the more customers will turn to you.

By becoming our Installer you also have the free service available SecureWeb which offers a new way of configuring systems: you can connect directly to the portal via PC / MAC or via the Ksenia Pro App, which can be downloaded for free from the stores, Android or iOS, and can be used on any mobile device. Thus, you can finally program the control panel even remotely, with the ability to monitor all your installations from any portable device, including your smartphone. Using the App you have all the information you may need at your fingertips: it will be like having entire Programming Manuals, Price Lists and numerous technical contents in your pocket that will be useful in case of need.
The portal and the Ksenia Pro App are free services, easy to use and fully satisfy all the technical aspects related to the configuration of the systems, including the maintenance, the remote automatic firmware updates (central and peripherals) and real-time control of all systems installed in the field.

For Ksenia Installers, the Technical Assistance service is available from 8:30 to 18:00 on a continuous basis, guaranteeing maximum availability. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to constantly compare yourself with your fellow Installers by subscribing to the Facebook group "Ksenia Security Technicians".

All this, together with numerous other services offered, is aimed at hindering the spread of “do-it-yourself” solutions, according to which a security system can be installed by anyone, thus diminishing the professional figure of the Installer.

We at Ksenia Security intend to preserve and protect the value of professionalism, offering valid tools, products certified according to the highest standards, constant training and total support.

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I want to become a Ksenia Distributor

By joining the Ksenia distribution network, you will have access to unique and exclusive services: promotions, discounts, marketing material, gadgets and much more. Ksenia Security operates in 70 countries around the world, cooperating with selected industry partners to provide the best integrated solution for the customer. Specifically, the Ksenia system is fully compatible with: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Crestron, Control4, KNX, Milestone, Nuance and much more.

By becoming our Distributor you will be entitled to enjoy free access to our SecureWeb portal. By using the free Ksenia Pro App, designed for professional installers, you will have all the information you may need at your fingertips: it’s like having updated programming Manuals, Price Lists and plenty of technical contents in your pocket.

For Ksenia Distributors, the Technical Assistance service is available from 8:30 to 18:00 on a continuous basis, guaranteeing maximum availability.

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Business Developer: Davide Cimaroli
Sales Director Italy: Giorgio Bignami

Sales Area Manager Northern Italy: Marco Panichi
Sales Area Manager South Italy: Daniele Ragusa

Export Sales Director: Nicola Di Crosta

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