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Sensore Da Interno Unum-x

unum-X: the dual function sensor!

unum-X is an indoor motion sensor that guarantees the highest degree of reliability without incurring any false alarms.
Thanks to the innovative Tough Mod2 TM technology, it offers high resistance to heat and humidity, extending the life of the sensor.
It features a rotatable lens able to detect both a long range and a wide angle, making it ideal for protecting large but also narrow areas such as windows, corridors and much more.
This allows you to have two features in a single device, avoiding the purchase of additional sensors!
unum-X is available in wired version and presents two different models: unum-X ST-DT and unum-X DT/AM.
The unum-X ST version offers infrared detection function, while unum-X DT combines infrared and microwave technologies. In both versions it is possible to activate the “pet immunity” function to avoid false alarms caused by pets when the system is armed.
unum-X DT/AM is the most advanced version: in addition to dual technology, it also has anti-masking and look down-zone function to prevent any attempt of sabotage or unwanted intrusion.
Thanks to its many features and the technology implemented, unum-X can meet a wide range of installation needs, making it perfect for intrusion detection in residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

unum-X DT-AM is at GRADE 3 certified and it is also available in the BUS version.

unum-X is an indoor motion sensor that contains numerous features, to ensure reliability and avoid annoying false alarms. It has an ultramodern integrated lens, made using E.L.T. (Embedded Lens Technology).
Wired Available, infrared, infrared and microwave doppler (dual technology) and pet immunity.
la doppia funzionalità della lente di fresnel installata sul sensore da interno unum-X
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