Choosing a Ksenia product not only means installing a top category security device to protect yourself, your family and your belongings, it also means becoming part of a new dimension in which the customer's safety is firmly placed at the center of every decision and great care and attention is focused on the tiniest details. Along with welcoming you to the world of Ksenia, we would also like to take a moment to highlight the three main features that distinguish our range of solutions designed to protect you and your loved ones:

The first and most important feature is an unprecedented level of protection. Innovative ideas and the results of our years of experience combine to create cutting edge components, functions and technical features. Our products are designed to offer unique security solutions that provide uncompromising safety. When it comes to your personal security, every detail is important because each one contributes to providing unparalleled levels of quality and reliability.

The second important feature is simplicity. Our new, user-friendly, menu-based software makes finding and programming functions even easier than using a mobile phone. The same also applies to arming and disarming the system and switching different zones on and off. In addition, we can provide an advanced Home Automation & Integration Software that covers your entire living space. This system sends alerts in real time directly to your mobile phone rather than your office computer, easily allowing you to keep everything under control in a way that was never possible before.

The third feature is an innovative and functional design. Our systems are so discreet that they blend in perfectly with the interiors of your living space. High quality materials and a wide range of colors combine with subtle, minimalist designs to create a distinctive look.

Welcome to the world of Ksenia and a new dimension in security. Let us provide you with the peace of mind you have always wanted.

Raffaele Di Crosta
President and CEO Ksenia Security


> lares Platform
> Multifunction LCD Keypad ergo series
> volo Outdoor Proximity Reader
> volo-in indoor proximity reader
> Universal Communicator gemino series
> Universal GSM/GPRS Communicator gemino
> Universal GSM/GPRS Communicator gemino4™ (with 4 I/O)
> GSM/GPRS Comunicator gemino BUS (for lares control panels)
> Software basis
> pontis PSTN Communication Module
> Loquendo Speech Synthesizer
> Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) Software
> vigilo Centralization SW
> Gateway Konnex porta
> auxi IO expansion module
> Expansion module auxi-relais
> pontis PSTN Communication Module
> radius Indoor Siren
> imago Outdoor Siren
> divide bus Isolator/Repeater
> Supervised Power Supply Station opis
> nebula
> Motion Detector unum series
> PIR-Pet Immune
> Dual-Tech
> Dual-Tech Pet Immune
> Dual-Tech Anti-Masking
> Dual-Tech Pet Immune Anti-Masking
> Triple Technology Anti Masking
> Accessories unum series
> Mounting Swivel unum series
> Accessories ianitor series
> Mounting Swivel for ianitor series
> The Technology
> Transceiver / Repeater duo
> duo16 Transceiver
> duo universal transceiver
> Magnetic Contact poli
> nanus poli Magnetic Contact
> Motion Detectors series unum wls
> Remote Control opera
> Optical smoke detectors nebula wls
> imago wls outdoor siren
> auxi wls
> Plastic box
> 7.4 Vdc - 850 mAh Battery
> 7.5 Vdc - 8000 mAh Battery
> CR2032 Battery
> CR123A Battery
> 6 Vdc - 1.2 Ah Battery
> 12 Vdc - 1.2 Ah Battery
> 12 Vdc - 7.2 Ah Battery
> 12 Vdc - 1.7 A Power Supply
> 12 Vdc - 3 A Power Supply
> 1.5 m Cable Kit
> USB Adapter
> PC Programming cable
> 4 GB USB Flash Memory