Ksenia Security sells only through its Selected Distributors

Ksenia Security has always been successfully engaged in contrasting the online sale of professional security products.


The first to be in danger by this phenomenon are the end users or the installers who risk to incurr in real fraud, by purchasing online.

Indeed, the products sold online are not guaranteed by Ksenia Security, as they may be non-working or tampered, not updated to the latest version, no longer covered by the legal guarantee.
Furthermore, Ksenia Security does not guarantee any kind of assistance to products purchased online.
Secondly, the Distributors are clearly damaged by unfair competition, made of direct sales to the customer or, in any case, at uncontrolled prices on products that are often also not controlled as already explained above. 


The guaranteed Ksenia Security products are available only and exclusively from our specialized Distributors, who are available on the website, and the sale is reserved for installers.


The Ksenia Security trademark is an internationally registered trademark and the online sale of products that exploit the Ksenia Security trademark without authorization is a legally punishable act.


Therefore, Ksenia Security warns anyone, end user or installer, from not purchasing products in not recognized channels.


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