Ksenia Design for Certification: SBSC certification achieved

Ksenia Design for Certification: SBSC certification achieved

It’s a source of great pride for us to have obtained the SBSC certification (Scandinavia), of the whole lares 4.0 family and the devices connected to it.

Often, we don’t realize how much work there is behind a certification mark, yet a simple label hides a long and demanding verification process. In fact, before being judged as definitively compliant with the relevant requirements, each individual product was subjected to a significant number of tests.

That same product has been developed with a view to "Design for Certification" and has passed specific analysis in an accredited laboratory.

The notification body, which releases the trademark, carries out surprise inspections with maximum annual frequency, in which all the standards are verified, and products are taken from the warehouse in order to verify again the compliance with the requirements.

All this is a real guarantee of Quality 


Specifically, please find below the products certified by SBSC, according to SSF 1014, edition 5:


  • Alarm Class 3:
    • Control Panels lares 4.0 - 16 and lares 4.0 - 40 
    • Control Panels lares 4.0 - 40wlslares 4.0 - 140wls and lares 4.0 - 644wls


  • Alarm Class R (specific for wireless control and indicating equipment):
    • Control Panel lares 4.0 wls 96


The certification of the control and indicating equipment includes the certification of the following devices, tested together with lares 4.0:

  • auxi
  • auxi 10in
  • ergo
  • ergo S
  • radius BUS
  • poli
  • unum wls
  • unum wls PI
  • duo
  • volo
  • add-on 3G for lares 4.0


The lares 4.0 certificates listed above and those already in place are available on our website at the following link, selecting the folder you are interested in.


See you on the next certification!

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