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Avigilon Gateway

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Ksenia Security has extended the functionality of the lares 4.0 control panels, adding the possibility of integration with Avigilon Control Center, via ACC Web Endpoint Service and the IoT port device.
This integration allows you to generate alarm events towards the Avigilon system, taking full advantage of its management and video recording potential, in synergy with those of the lares 4.0 control panel in managing events. For example, following anomalous situations detected by the sensors, as well as any other event that can be managed through a scenario. The configuration required to the installer is very simple and all alarm synchronization is done in a few clicks. After that, no intervention is required, neither by the installer nor by the customer.


An event from the lares 4.0 panel will generate an alarm in the Avigilon Control Center.


Configuration of the integration and synchronization of the alarm list with a few simple clicks


After the integration configuration, no other intervention is required either by the installer or by the Ksenia end user.


The Avigilon operator will have at their disposal, in real time, the results of the processing of the control logic of the Ksenia lares 4.0 control panel in the Avigilon Control Center system.

Avigilon connection parameters configuration and external alarm list synchronization.
Link between lares 4.0 events and Avigilon alarms
Alarm trigger displayed on ACC Client
Alarm log generated by lares 4.0 and relative acknowledge


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