Working in Ksenia Security means joining a fast-growing company, cooperating with a group of people deeply motivated by the passion for technology, innovation and design.

It also means participating in a well-established reality that is aware of its position and its social commitment: all those who belong to this reality believe in a different future for themselves and their children, a future characterised by a respectful development of the world around them and of their fundamental rights, i.e. the principles which are not just transitory slogans, but a real daily commitment, a deeply rooted hope in one's own culture and a possible scenario.

Being part of Ksenia Security team means not being afraid of changes, accepting challenges, having a positive approach to everyday life, being dynamic and flexible, always ready to increase one's knowledge not only together with professionals but also through customised training courses.

Ksenia Security is constantly looking for talents with the ability to provide innovation, ideas, dynamism and a strong motivation to be fully integrated in a young context, willing to question themselves, recognising and appreciating the importance of teamwork as a result of different backgrounds and visions; people who are able to enhance their creativity trying to think outside the box, in an attempt to anticipate the future creating added value for customers and for all employees, who together represent for us the largest corporate assets.

The commitment and the distinctive skills of our associates are and will be the motivations required to achieve our goals.

Therefore, if you have the right skills, do not hesitate to consult our job opportunities and to send us your CV to



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