velum derives from latin and means veil

It may simply mean that the sensor projects a dual Technology barrier shielding (infrared and microwave) which completely fills the area to be protected by covering it evenly, precisely as with a veil.


why velum

  • because the different detector models, all have the same design and the same size, while having different characteristics, whether wired or wireless technology. This avoids the typical “drop style” resulting from seeing
    often objects of different shape on the walls, sometimes even inside of the same room or local.
  • because they guarantee maximum reliability when installed inside and outside in all weather conditions.
  • because inside of the small size contain the latest technology in terms of environmental detection by integrating a dual technology.


Ksenia velum is a motion sensor dual technology with Anti masking which can be installed both outside and inside.



velum detectors are motion sensors made with advanced professional components and materials among the best in the world. From every point of view, these sensors guarantee the highest degree of reliability in the detection of the movement, without incurring false alarms.

The motion detector velum includes two technologies for motion detection: microwave doppler effect and infrared. Together, these two signals are interpreted by proprietary algorithms that reject false alarms and detect unwanted intrusions.

Section microwave sensors velum includes a transceiver Doppler microstrip modern and compact. The Doppler signal is digitally processed to obtain the highest degree of reliability in intrusion detection and exclusion problems. The signals of repetitive motion are filtered so as frequencies resulting from fluorescent light are eliminated in digitally. The section to the IR acts with a lens combined with an infrared detector of high quality.

Finally the signal is evaluated by a processor, for obtaining the exclusion of false alarms while maintaining an excellent degree of intrusion detection.

The masking of the lens of the infrared analysis is carried out using infrared LED active, able to detect any obstacle placed in the vicinity of the lens.

velum detectors is the ideal solution can protect situations such as canopies, porches, below balcony, windows etc. The sensor velum is synonymous reliability and high safety, not only from the qualitative point of view, but also against sabotage attempts, given that integrates a station with accelerometer flexible and functional even in installations with the hub and a micro switch for front opening

Technical Data

  • Power Supply : standard 12V, max 13,4V.
  • IR sensor: Dual element.
  • IR range: 12m (room temperature 25 ° C).
  • Warm-up time: 60 sec.
  • Operating FrequencyMW: 24.125Ghz.
  • Range MW: 12m.
  • Analysis Antimasking: active. infrared LED.
  • Thornproof: mems platform. (Accelerometer)
  • Sabotage: front microswitch.
  • Operating Temperature Range:  da -20°C a +55° C.
  • Immunity RFI/EMI: 20 V/m, 10-1000 MHz;10 V/m, 1-2 Ghz.
  • White light immunity: 6500 lux.
  • Range MW: adjustable by trimmer.
  • Analysis control tear: Enabling by dip-switch.
  • Analysis antimasking: Enabling by dip-switch
  • LED indicators: rgb in five colors, can be disabled via dip-switch.
  • Detection area: only a tent (angle 7.5 °).
  • Horizontal coverage: IR 90 °, 80 ° MW.
  • Vertical coverage: IR 7.5 °, 32 ° MW.
  • Amplitude tent: a 2 m 25 cm, 130 cm at 10 m.
  • Detection range: from 0.30m to 12m.
  • Installation height: 2.30 m from 2.10 max on the wall.
  • Mounting: with bracket angle (reversible) on the wall.
  • Material housing and clamps: ABS.
  • Dimension: 38 x 129 x 40 mm ( L x H x P )
  • With wall bracket:  45 x 129 x 40 mm
  • With angle bracket: 45 x 129 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Protection: IP54
  • Color: grey.
  • embedded EOL resistance: triple balancing 10Kohm parallel (To enable via microswitch) integrated on the pcb.


How to order

  • KSI5302010.303


  • Rain Protection Roof for velum Outdoor Curtain Motion Detector.


How to order

  • KSI5900003.003
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