velum-C wls AM Dual-Technology Motion Detector
velum-C wls detector is a curtain movement detector that has the same main characteristics as velum wls detector; it can however be
installed on the ceiling with a 6m vertical flow. In this way, positioned at the center of the frame, it ensures its complete coverage, creating an insurmountable barrier to any intruder.



The wireless technology used for the velum-C is of the latest generation, fully bi-directional (each device acts as transceiver allowing every transmission to receive a confirmation message, obtaining optimization of consumption and improved reliability compared to traditional mono-directional systems), at 868 MHz frequency band (with FSK modulation).

A sophisticated proprietary control of power transmission (DPMS - Dynamic Power Management System) allows to reduce interference,
maximize battery life and optimize the transmission power depending on the distance between the devices and the type of installation.
Maximum protection of the entire system is ensured via encryption of each packet communication, using proprietary algorithm.

Diagram of visual coverage





  • Power supply: 1 battery pack 3.6 V - 2,7Ah included for a maximum duration of at least 2 years
  • Range: 6 m (room temperature 25°C)
  • IR sensor: Dual element
  • Operating frequency uW: 24.125 GHz
  • ANTIMASKING Analysis: active infrared LED
  • Thornproof: Accelerometer
  • Sabotage: front microswitch
  • Operating temperature range: from -20°C to +55° C
  • RFI/EMI immunity: 20 V/m, 10-1000 MHz;10 V/m, 1-2 Ghz
  • White light immunity: 6500 lux
  • Operating wireless frequency: 868 MHz band
  • Sight range: up to 300 m
  • Detection area: only a tent (angle from 7,5°)
  • Vertical coverage: IR 90°, MW 80°
  • Installation height: from 2 to 6 m on the wall
  • Material housing and clamps: ABS
  • Dimension: 129 x 38 x 40 mm
  • Weigh: 90 g
  • Protection: IP 54
  • Color: Grey


  • KSI5402011.303 - velum-C wls


  • KSI7203627.000 - Lithium battery pack 3.6V-2700mA/h
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