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unum wls

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Motion Detector unum

unum wireless, is a digital Dual-Optic Motion Detector available in 2 versions, with and without Pet Immunity.

The unum wls are advanced professional sensors realized with the best available material and components. By all point of view, these detectors guarantee the highest reliability against false alarm. Additionally, unum are the only Detectors equipped by invisible and modern lens, i.e. lens integrated within the detector front thanks to the E.L.T. (Embedded Lens Technology) which, taking advantage from decade of experience in professional lens design, utilizes the same lens material for the detector front too.

The Motion sensor is a dual PIR Digi Pyro con high Quality EvenEye Lens.

Thanks to the Bi-Directional wls Technology, the range selection (6 or 12 m.) and the number of impulses programmable directly from the basis software with no need of selecting jumpers or annoying dip-switches; furthermore it’s possible to modify the configuration with no need to re-open it.

Additionally it is possible to deactivate the PIR sensor when the system is disarmed (default setting) so as to reduce drastically the current consumption with consequent increase of the battery life.

Instead, with particular reference to Home-Automation applications, it is possible to program the PIR sensor to be always powered.

As all the other Ksenia wireless devices, the unum wireless motion detector implements the DPMS transmission power control as well as the possibility to program the supervision frequency from a minimum of 1 minute to a max. of 4 hours (default programming each 5 min.), the battery Control Status ( with event transmission when its substitution is required) on top of integrating the wall-tamper and anti-opening protections.

The most advanced Wireless Technology adopted by this device is fully Bi-Directional (each Peripheral works therefore as a Transceiver enabling each transmission to receive an Acknowledgment back, allowing a significant battery saving and assuring a superior reliability versus the classic mono-directional systems) and utilizes the frequency band at 868 MHz (FSK Technology).

A sophisticated control of the Transmission Power (DPMS – Dynamic Power Management System) allows to reduce interferences, maximize the battery duration according to the distance among the different devices and the type of installation. The maximum Protection of the entire system is guaranteed by means of a proprietary encryption of each Communication Packet.

All wireless devices have a unique serial number which is being automatically acquired by the system during the installation phase; both the basis programming software and the ergo Keypad indicate in real time the signal level of each device and communication path in the case that more BUS Transceivers or Repeaters are present in the same architecture.

Why unum?

  • because it integrates the most advanced Wireless technology, 868 MHz, fully bidirectional, professional and affordable
  • because it implements DPMS technology (Dynamic Power Management System) which allows less interferences and long lasting for the batteries
  • because it can choose the best radio path in case of a MULTI-RECEIVER system
  • because it is a digital Dual-Optic motion detector equipped with a DIGI-PYRO sensor with high Quality EvenEye Lens
  • because it is possible, to reduce the consumption, to set the detector in sleep-mode when the system is disarmed while mantaining the complete supervision
  • because they are “state-of –the-art” Professional Motion Detectors realized with the very best components and materials to guarantee, at first place and without compromises , the highest possible degree of reliability available from the most modern Technologies
  • because they have a unique aesthetic- minimalist and discreet- different from the rest, being the result of many studies and suggestions collected from Interior Architects and End-users, who wanted something that could actually merge, integrate with their architecture styles to the point to become themselves active players to that instead of being something “not too nice but necessary to be installed” to the purpose of having an intrusion system up and running
  • because unum detectors apply the new ELT Technology (Embedded Lens Technology), which takes advantage from decades of experience in designing professional lens for motion detection purposes, thus enabling to achieve the objective to literally make the lens disappearing from the detector profile, thanks to very sophisticated techniques which also use the same special material of the lens (HDPE), to basically allow it to be fully embedded, completely integrated in the front cover itself
  • because they do not need, unlike other products in the market, to have on their front side all those colored lights (LEDs) which very often the installers need to disable because too annoying for the end-customers
  • because all the different detector models, although having different functions, like as with or without Pet Immunity, all of them have the same design and size, so to avoid the unpleasant view of different detectors shapes on the walls, too often in the same room or environment

Profilo unum wls

Technical Data


  • IR Sensor: Dual Element Digi Pyro
  • Power: 1 CR123A Lithium battery included for a maximum battery life up to 4 years
  • RF Immunity: 20 V/m, 10-1000 MHz;10 V/m, 1-2 Ghz
  • White Light Immunity: 6500 lux
  • Sensitivity: adjustable at 2 or 3 impulses
  • Coverage: 12 m. range
  • Operational Frequency : 868 MHz
  • Open Air Range: up to 400 m.
  • Operative Temperature Range: from +5°C to +40° C
  • Materials: Base: ABS Front: HDPE
  • Dimensions: 113 x 60 x 45 mm


  • Europe - RoHS, CE
  • EN50131 Grade 2 - Class II
  • T031:2014

Parts Included

  • 1 unum wls motion detector
  • 1 CR-123A battery
  • 1 Installation manual

How to order

  • KSI5201000.300 - PIR version
  • KSI5201100.300 - PIR plus Pet Immune version


  • KSI5900000.300 - adjustable bracket for wall mounting

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