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Dual-Tech Motion Detector


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unum Dual-Tech Motion Detector

DT Motion Detectors unum include two motion sensing systems: microwave Doppler motion sensing and PIR motion sensing.
Together, the two systems’ signals are evaluated by proprietary signal processing algorithms, which reject false alarm conditions while detecting intruders.
The DT Motion Detector unum microwave system includes a modern, compact, DRO-based micro-strip Doppler transceiver, with PCB “patch” antennas.
The Doppler signal is digitally processed to detect intruders and reject distractions. Constant-motion signals (such as fans) are deemphasized, and fluorescent light frequencies are digitally removed.
The PIR side starts with an Even Eye lens and a top-quality infrared detector.
Next, a modern DSP ASIC (patent-pending) converts the infrared detector signal into digital form, for best reliability and stability.
Finally, the signal is evaluated by the ASIC’s HighBar processor, for “bestin- class” false alarm rejection with excellent intruder detection.

why unum

  • because they are “state-of –the-art” Professional Motion Detectors realized with the very best components and materials to guarantee, at first place and without compromises, the highest possible degree of reliability available from the most modern Technologies;
  • because they have a unique aesthetic - minimalist and discreet different from the rest, being the result of many studies and suggestions collected from Interior Architects and End-users, who wanted something that could actually merge, integrate with their architecture styles to the point to become themselves active players to that instead of being something “not too nice but necessary to be installed” to the purpose of having an intrusion system up and running;
  • because unum detectors apply the new ELT Technology (Embedded Lens Technology), which takes advantage from decades of experiencein designing professional lens for motion detection purposes, thus enabling to achieve the objective to literally make the lens disappearing from the detector profile, thanks to very sophisticated techniques which also use the same special material of the lens (HDPE), to basically allow it to be fully embedded, completely integrated in the front cover itself;
  • because they do not need, unlike other products in the market, to have on their front side all those colored lights (LEDs which very often the installers need to disable because too annoying for the endcustomers;
  • because all the different detector models, although having different functions, like as the simple PIR or Dual-Tech, with or without Pet Immunity, all of them have the same design and size, so to avoid the unpleasant view of different detectors shapes on the walls, too often in the same room or environment;
  • because they have a truly wide operating temperature range;
  • because, they are eco-friendly, in line with Ksenia Security Company’s belief, all unum utilize components like as DSP ASIC with very low consumption.



The DT-PI unum series join the advantages of the Dual-Technology described above and Pet Immunity. The best Technology to server the customer.
The DT-PI detectors should be mounted so that pets will occupy only the lighter-colored spaces.

Snodo sensore unum


  • IR Sensor: Dual-Element-Pyroelectric
  • Power Supply: 8-16 Vdc; 24 mA at 12 Vdc
  • Alarm Relay: Solid State, 60V, 50 mA, isolation 1500 Vrms
  • Tamper Switch: Form A contact, normally closed (NC) 50 mA at 30 Vdc
  • Events Detection: HighBar false alarm rejection processor
  • RF Immunity: 20 V/m, 10-1000 MHz;10 V/m, 1-2 GHz
  • White Light Immunity: 6500 lux
  • Sensitivity: Selectable: 2-event or 3-event
  • Microwave Operating Freq.: around 10GHz (see unit label)
  • Events Detection: Sure Spot processing engine
  • RF Immunity: 20 V/m, 10-1000 MHz; 10 V/m, 1-2 GHz
  • Microwave Range: 20%-100% adjustable
  • Lighting rejection: selectable 50 or 60 Hz
  • Pet Immunity: Up to 10 Kg
  • Operating Temperature Range: +5°C to +40°C
  • Housing Material: Base: ABS, Cover: HDPE
  • Overall Dimensions: 113×60×45 mm (H×W×D)
  • Pet immunity: up to 10 Kg


  • KSI5102000.300 - DT
  • KSI5102100.300 - DT + Pet Immune


  • KSI5900003.000 - Wall-Mounting Bracket


  • KSI5102000.300 - DT 
    Europa - RoHS, CE, 
    EN50131 Grado 2 - Classe II
  • KSI5102100.300 - DT + Pet immune
    Europa - RoHS, CE
    EN50131 Grado 2 - Classe II
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