radius Indoor siren & Emergency Light

The radius self-powered indoor siren is actually a professional (acoustic & optical) Sounder which shows a unique and exclusive design, extremely slim (max. 37 mm thick) associated with a modern technology aimed to combine the best possible performances with the maximum energy saving: very high sound pressure, 3W power LED Alarm Light which also acts as emergency light in case of main power’s black-out. The siren is fully controlled by a microprocessor which checks the possible status of the device and sends the appropriate signal. radius, like as the ergo keypads, has been designed to be fully flexible even from a chromatic stand point of view to be easily and superbly integrated in any kind of interior design: as a matter of fact, its design allows the end user to take advantage of 4 different colors, i.e. white, metallized grey, red and black. With regard to its function, radius is available with 2 inputs to activate the acoustic and optical signals, which thanks to the programming of the inputs polarities are easy to be linked to any Control Panel (Universal version only). The first time you power up it, the siren reads all the inputs and associates them to the correct polarity and stand-by status with no need to program them manually, saving the programming itself on a non-volatile memory; either they are inputs with positive or negative command, or with or without intrinsic security (command to miss or to give), radius links any of them with the associated function.

The battery is steadily monitored and its malfunctioning immediately signalized to the Control Panel. On top of the automatic protection for preventing wire-cutting actions, radius is protected by 2 tamper switches against cover opening and against removal from the wall.

In the KS-BUS communication’s version (only for lares Control Panels) the siren is equipped with a precision temperature sensor to display the indoor temperature in the ergo Ksenia keypads and for Home Automation applications.

radius is linked to the lares Control Panel by means of the 4-wires serial KS-BUS and it can be easily programmed from the Control Panel.


why radius

  • because it has a design that perfectly matches with ergo keypads, with whom it often shares the installed environment.
  • because, like ergo keyboard, it can be customized in 4 Ksenia colors (white, black, grey and red) simply replacing the internal cover (included in the package).
  • because it has a high luminous efficiency LED that, in addition to signal\ling the alarm, can be activated in case of electric blackout and therefore act as an emergency light.
  • because it has an integrated temperature sensor.
  • because it can be installed in a few minutes and can be configurated quickly, even remotely thanks to KS-BUS connection.



  • Ultra-modern design with additional Emergency Light function
  • Acoustic and Lighting signal in case of wirecutting action
  • 1 input for the alarm
  • 1 input for the main 3 W power LED only
  • Auto-learning of input polarity
  • High Sound Pressure Piezoelectric Buzzer (>100 dBA at 1m)
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor: ±0,1°C
  • Back-up Battery
  • Temperature Range: from +5° to +40°C
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 102x142x37 mm max
  • Weight (with Battery): 300 g


  • 1 Siren complete with PCBA and battery
  • Set of 4 colored covers
  • 1 Quick Installation Guide in ITA/EN


  • KSI6101000.310 - KS-BUS version


  • KSI7207008.00 - Lithium-Ion Battery 7,4 Vdc - 850 mAh

Europe CE
EN50131- 4 Grade 3 class II
SSF 1014 Larmklass 3



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