The company Ksenia Security intends to ensure full customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of its management and operational efficiency, in the belief that this is an essential prerequisite for success and success on the market, as it regularly meets the requirements and address the needs and future expectations represents a challenge for Ksenia in an increasingly dynamic and complex context.
The company Ksenia Security sets itself as strategic objectives:

  • the continuous improvement of products / services and production processes,
  • identification of actions to address risks and opportunities that may influence customer satisfaction
  • the progressive reduction or elimination of factors that negatively affect company results;
  • compliance with laws, regulations and provisions.
  • the growth and professional capacity of staff who are considered primary corporate assets.
  • To this end, an QMS (built as a risk management system) is applied, complying with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, and the Quality Manager is entrusted with the authority to manage its definition, application and updating, with the collaboration of all company functions.

In particular, the primary objectives of the Direction in the conduct of the policy are:

  • customers: careful and correct interpretation of requests, satisfaction of needs and deliveries, quantified assessment of customer satisfaction;
  • design: continuous adaptation of the company's capabilities to the needs of the market, reduction of errors, shortcomings and other unwanted factors, respect of scheduled times, compliance with mandatory requirements;
  • suppliers: incisiveness in the selection and evaluation of their offers;
  • production process: surveillance and improvement of productivity according to competitiveness;
  • safety: compliance with current legislation;
  • staff: enhancement of human resources through continuous training.

Short and medium-term objectives are defined annually by the Management through "Quality Improvement Programs QIP", on a concrete and quantified basis so as to be able to evaluate the results.

The CEO, in his proactive role, is responsible for ensuring and supporting the implementation of this policy.
To this end he promotes the necessary awareness and training initiatives.
Each manager of operational function responds, within the scope of his / her competences, to the effective application of the QMS and the achievement of the established objectives. Any problem that can not be resolved at the specific function level must be reported to the Top Management.
All staff are called to contribute to the implementation of this policy, which is of fundamental importance for the Company's affirmation.

The implementation and effectiveness of the QMS and the QIPs, in relation to this Policy, are systematically verified by the Top Management, also with the execution of annual Top Management Reviews.



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