PSTN module

PSTN module

Using the PSTN module, the communication capabilities of lares 4.0 control panel can be extended. It allows the sending of voice messages and contact ID when any of the events programmed in the control panel occurs. It is a quick installation module, plugged into the control panel motherboard, and connected to the telephone line through a standard RJ-11 connector. Another connector, always RJ-11, allows the connection of telephones and other devices that use the telephone line, in case of alarm the device is therefore able to start the communications by disconnecting all the other devices that use the telephone line. It can work either as a back-up of 3G module (or GSM module) or as main line.


Technical Data

  • Add-on Modul with 16 pole connectors
  • Power Supply: 12 Vdc and 3,3 Vdc
  • Current consumption: 10 mA on 12 V, 30 mA on 3,3V
  • Operating temperature: 5-40 °C
  • Connettor RJ-11
  • PCBA dimensions: 80x38x16 mm

How to order

KSI4200001.300 -  PCBA code

Parti comprese

  • 1 PSTN (PCBA) add-on modul
  • 2 sustainers for PCBA
  • 1 Installation manual


Europe - CE, RoHS
EN50136 Grade 3 - Class II

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