Proximity readers volo

volo is a device that allows, being linked on the KS-BUS, the user to manage the arming /disarming of the Ksenia Security System and more in general the activation/ deactivation of different scenarios programmed in terms of Home Integration, by means of mini-Tags.
It can be installed either directly onto the wall (in vertical) or screwed onto the Box DIN 503 (with an optional black frame).
The device in fitted with an LED with 5 colors (red, green, blue, yellow, white) and each of them can be associated to a customizable scenario. It is very simple to activate a scenario: approaching a valid Tag to the Proxy Reader, the LED will switch on the color associated to the possible scenario, proposing automatically the most probable choice at first.

To activate the desired scenario take the Tag or the Phone away when the LED is lit of the color related to that scenario: as acknowledge the LED will remain ON with the same color for other 3 seconds. Its sober design allows the volo to be installed in every interior design.
This device has been developed with an innovative tamper protection (against wall removal and opening): an accelerometer.
This allows to avoid any mechanical switch and the related risk of deterioration, moist infiltration in Outdoor and to use it as a seismic detector with programmable sensitivity. Its plastic enclosure and the PCB protection treatment (full immersion in epoxy resin) allow its Outdoor Installation without additional protection.




  • Power Supply: 13.8 Vdc
  • Consumption: 40mA
  • RFID: ISO 14443 (A+B) @ 13.56MHz
  • Dimensions: 127x43x17 mm

volo can be connected to the 4-wires KS-BUS and can be programmed directly from the Control Panel.


  • volo proximity reader with a 2 meters long cable
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • 2 Fischer screws, diameter 5mm.


  • KSI2200000.300 - volo black
  • KSI2200000.310 - volo white


  • KSI2200001.300 - Optional frame for DIN 503 mounting. Color black
  • KSI2200001.310 - Optional frame for DIN 503 mounting. Color white
  • KSI7600000.000 - Mini-Tag in black color with metal key-holder ring.

Europe - CE, RoHS,
EN50131 Grade 3 - Class II
SSF 1014 Larmklass 3

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