volo-in indoor proximity reader

volo-in is an indoor proximity reader with multicolor / acoustic signalisations which enables, being directly linked to the Ksenia bus, the arm/disarm management of the Ksenia Security System and more in general the activation / deactivation of 5 different scenarios programmed in terms of Home Integration, by means of mini-Tags.

The device is equipped with a multicolor LED: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White.

Each of the color can be associated with a scenario programmable at choice. It is very simple to activate a scenario: it’s enough to get close with a valid Tag or NFC enabled Phone to the Proxy Reader, wait until the LED will switch on of the same color associated to the desired scenario and then take the Tag away.

In order to compensate particular light conditions (overexposure) and taking care of the needs of „visually impaired“ users, it is possible to associate a different acoustic signal to all the performed operations.

volo-in will be supplied with 2 Ksenia Mini-TAGs.

Technical data

  • Voltage: 13,8Vcc
  • Consumption: 30 mA max
  • Proximity RFID / NFC Reader @ 13.56 MHz
  • Dimensions: 46 x 19 x 44 mm.
  • Multicolor LED and Buzzer

Main Features

  • System arming / disarming (even partitions)
  • System status


EN50131 - Grade 3 class II
T031: 2017


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