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Tips for a fundamental right choice

1. Do not expect to find victims of a robbery or an assault to think about protecting your home and your loved ones. Better to provide on time and be prepared rather than suffer the trauma of your home violated in your absence, or worse, when you are present.

2. The security system is an important component in the life of every day. For this reason it should be chosen with care and must adapt perfectly to your needs and your lifestyle: so will give you peace of mind and really will be for you a lasting investment that retains its value over time.

3. The protection is a sum of factors: the best result is obtained using complete systems and integrated, offering a first level of security when there is an elderly or infirm who is left alone in the house during the day, a second level of night when you are at home and a third level when you move away from home (remote management also via IP).

4. Complete protection possible with digital video verification, in order to have the pictures of the intrusion, and so help the Police in the capture of the culprits.

5. Choose a CERTIFICATE (not only compliant) according to European regulations EN50131, possibly in grade 3.

6. Think also automation and access control of vs. home, vs. shop or office, now you can manage everything from a single platform for Security and Home Automation, without adding or Hardware or Software to what you are already investing, with the ability to manage all of this wherever you are!

You choose your security system only after having carefully considered your needs and you understand what is being offered and at what cost.

Often the lowest price is not the most convenient solution. Do not let someone else decide for you.

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