porta 4.0, a KNX compatible device, can take control of all Ksenia lares 4.0 control panels family, through standard KNX devices.
In fact, when the gateway porta 4.0 receives a Konnex datagram, it is possible to perform the following operations on lares 4.0 control panel:

• Management of monostable / bistable outputs
• Exclusion / inclusion zones
Scenarios implementation

Moreover, when one of the following events occurs on lares 4.0 control panel:

• Status change of a zone
• Status change of a partition
• A fault

it is possible to send a datagram to a Konnex device, either of switching type or with payload up to 2 bytes.

The whole configuration is instead carried out through the web interface for configuring the lares 4.0 control panel, therefore it can be performed locally or remotely, by using a PC/MAC or a mobile device.
The device is connected to the control panel via Ethernet and can be powered by PoE or by external power supply (12 / 24Vdc).
porta 4.0 is supplied with a plastic box that occupies 4 DIM modules.







Why porta 4.0?

• because it allows a bidirectional interface between lares 4.0 control panel and KNX world;

• because it does not need any dedicated driver, it is completely recognized and can be programmed by lares 4.0 control panel;

• because it is powered directly by PoE or by external power supply.


Technical data

• Power Supply: 12 - 24VDC or PoE
• Consumption: 5W max
• Communication BUS: KNX
• Ethernet interface: RJ45
• Operating range: +5 to +40°C
• Dimensions: 86 x 69 x 58mm
• Weight: 130g






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