nebula wls

nebula wls

nebula wls

nebula wireless optical smoke detectors

nebula wireless detectors are optical devices that allows a very quick smoke and fire detection.

They can be directly wall-mounted (in vertical) or at ceiling. Both models are fitted with a separate base available in silver and white.

Thanks to the handy bayonet the installation is completed by screwing the detector on the base.

There are two versions: the first with silver mesh, the second with circular glass design.

Both versions of the device have a red LED for alarm event. Both models are also available in wired version, extremely practice in cabling thanks to the separate base.

868 MHz BI-DIRECTIONAL INTERFACE for nebula STAND-ALONE optical smoke detectors

868 MHz wireless Bi-directional interface. It has to be installed inside the nebula smoke detectors in order to enroll them to lares control panels


  • Frequency / 868 MHz
  • Consumption / ≤ 20 μA stand-by
  • Operative range in open air / 350 m max
  • Operative range / -10 +60 °C
  • Protection class / IP40

Modulo radio


  • EN14604:2005 - stand-alone versions
  • EN54-7 - wired versions


Technical Data

  • Frequency: 868MHz
  • Consumption: ≤ 20 μA stand-by
  • Battery: 9Vcc (included) - Life expentancy: up to 4 years
  • Range in open air: fino a 350 m.
  • Operative range: +5 / +40 °C
  • Monitored ares max: 60m2 to 6 meters height
  • Anemometrical speed: max. 20m/s
  • Protection class: IP40

Parts Included

  • KSF5300001.001 - Optical smoke detector - Glass design
  • KSF5300001.003 - Optical smoke detector - Mesh design
  • Installation Manual
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