nanus poli

nanus poli

nanus polinanus poli

nanus poli Magnetic Contact

nanus poli è is a wireless magnetic contact, integral part of the 868 MHz Bi-Directional System of Ksenia.

nanus poli is identified, as all Ksenia Security Products, by an unique and exclusive design which develops itself around the Battery volume as the major constraint.

As all the other KSENIA wls devices, the nanus poli magnetic contact implements DPMS (Dynamic Power Management System), the possibility to program the supervision time from minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 240 minutes (default set-up: 5 minutes), the battery status control (with signal warning transmission when its substitution is recommended), and integrates a tamper on the opening.

As all Ksenia wireless devices, nanus poli has a unique serial number which is being automatically acquired by the system during the installation phase; both the basis programming software and the ergo Keypad indicate in real time the signal level of each device and communication path in the case that more BUS Transceivers or Repeaters are present in the same architecture nanus poli is available in 3 colors: White, Brown and Grey to make it suitable to the different installation requirements.

The most advanced Wireless Technology adopted by this device is fully Bi-Directional (each Peripheral works therefore as a Transceiver enabling each transmission to receive an Acknowledgment back, allowing a significant battery saving and assuring a superior reliability versus the classic mono-directional systems) and utilizes the frequency band at 868 MHz (FSK Technology).

A sophisticated control of the Transmission Power (DPMS – Dynamic Power Management System) allows to reduce interferences, maximize the battery duration according to the distance among the different devices and the type of installation. The maximum Protection of the entire system is guaranteed by means of a proprietary encryption of each Communication Packet.

Why nanus poli?

  • because is almost the smaller magnetic contact in the market
  • because it includes the most advanced Wireless Technology, 868 MHz, completely bi-directional, professional and reliable.
  • because it integrates the DPMS Technology (Dynamic Power Management System) which allows less interferences and extends the battery life.
  • because in case of MULTI-RECEIVER system it is able to automatically choose the best radio path.
  • because it integrates a solid state Reed sensor and not a mechanically more fragile glass component.
  • because it has a unique aesthetic - minimalist and discreet different from the rest, being the result of many accurate studies and shapes developed around the battery volume.
  • because in addition to the white and brown it is available also in gray for installations on stainless steel and aluminium frames.

nanus poli


  • Europa RoHS, CE

Technical Data

  • Power supply: 1 provided lithium battery CR2032 included for a max life expectancy up to 3 years
  • Operating frequency: 868 MHz
  • Range in open air: up to 300 m
  • Operating temperature range: +5° to +40 °C
  • Contact Dimensions: 30 x 53 x 10 mm 
  • Magnet Dimensions: 12 x 36 x 09 mm

Parts Included

  • 1 nanus poli magnetic contact
  • 1 CR-2032 Battery
  • 1 Installation Manual

How to order

  • KSI5002000.301 - White nanus poli
  • KSI5002000.303 - Grey nanus poli
  • KSI5002000.304 - Brown nanus poli
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