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Advanced Speech Synthesis on Ksenia Security systems

Ksenia lares control panels and gemino series GSM communicators integrate, on all the models, a speech synthesizer.

Ksenia Security users and Selected Installators have the exclusive privilege of using the Loquendo Speech Technology under conditions of great interest.
Through basis programming SW it is possible to generate audio samples related to the messages, both in intrusion context than for Home Automation.
In addition to the native synthtesis of basis, available for free download of the software, you can take advantage fo the high quality of the system loquendo.

To listen to and choose the tone of voice that suits your needs is availbale an interactive demo which you can refer to. Loquendo license, with no end in terms of time and equipment installed, is available at your distributor reference (*).

Why Loquendo?

  • because it is a very professional voice synthesis system, used by major groups such as Telecom Italia and Trenitalia for messaging integrated in the central offices and public rail transport systems
  • because it is available in 38 languages ​​and with male and female voices for EACH language !
  • because, thanks to the basis SW integration, Loquendo will generate for you automatically all the messages for the voice mail and for the control panel events. This on the base of the labels assigned to the zones, to the outputs and to the peripherals.

(*) Please specify the language and the choosen voice at the moment of purchase. For every language and/or additional voice, our Selected Installers will receive an added advantage.

How to order

  • KSI7800010.XXX - Loquendo “text-to-speech” license (on a USB key) for nr 1 language and 1 voice at choice.
  • KSI7800020.XXX - Loquendo “text-to-speech” license (on a USB key) for nr 2 language and/or 2 voice at choice.
  • KSI7800040.XXX - Loquendo “text-to-speech” license (on a USB key) for nr 4 language and/or 4 voice at choice.
  • KSI7800011.000 - Scratch Card Loquendo/Nuance ‘ text-to-speech’ with activation codes. Available with 1 language and/or voice at choice, to be used for programming lares 4.0 Control Panels.
    Contact Ksenia Security Sales Department for prices and availability of solutions with multiple languages/voices.

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