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Intrusion Control Panels series lares

lares is the name of the generation of Professional Control Panels

Calling them simply “Intrusion” Control Panels is truly like as under estimating their huge potential given that their extra-ordinary fast and intelligent system is in a position to embrace all other branches of Security and to manage up to very complex installation in terms of Home Automation & Home Integration. The lares Control Panels are available in 3 different sizes and 3 different versions expandable from 16 to 128 inputs, therefore positioned to cover all applications from the small residential/business to commercial.

The unique and powerful capabilities of the lares™ Control Panel Family are mainly related to their modularity and versatility: even after the installation of a small system it is possible, thanks to the great range of available peripherals and to the IP connection, not only to fully satisfy the current requirements but also to easily follow-up with any further future need of expansion, both in terms of intrusion than in terms of TVCC or access control and , more in general, to any domotic applications.


The 3 Control Panels types currently available are the following:

  • lares16-IP: the smallest, but already equipped with 10 Zones onboard expandable to 16,16 programmable outputs and with integrated Ethernet interface.
  • lares48-IP: the panel for mid-residential, with 10 zones onboard expandable to 48, 48 expandable outputs and with integrated ethernet interface.
  • lares128-IP: the panel for all needs, 10 zones onboard up to 128 with integrated ethernet interface.

Integrated Web Server (demo link)

Thanks to integrated Web Server lares™ IP control panels can be remote managed and it is possible:

  • to arm / disarm the system
  • to activate / deactivate outputs
  • to bypass / unpypass zones
  • to read the event logger
  • to display partition status and failures status
  • to interact graphically through the floorplans

Lares Ksenia



the only platform for IP Security and Home Automation fully integrated (including web server and graphical maps with no need to add modules HW or SW license

lares e la domoticalares and the Domotics

Even on this, the lares series is unique. Not only its platform integrates very easily all main Home Integration & Automation’s logic, but it becomes the protagonist, being perfectly in a position to manage, autonomously and with no need of PC or complicated programs, the domotics applications that you’ve ever dreamed for your Home.

These Home Automation possibilities of lares include, on top of the intrusion, the option to program and manage (even remotely for the IP) the following:

  • lightning
  • heating and conditioning system
  • irrigation system
  • automations and load controls
  • fire and suppression system
  • audio/video entertainment
  • audio e video Surveillance
  • access control

The I/O modules to be utilized to program and to manage the different loads are the same auxi modules required to expand the Control Panel zones or the programmable inputs of gemino and thanks to their level of miniaturization and the newest auto-learning system with the serial code can be easily hidden inside a common DIN box already located into the wall for other purposes ( e.g. sockets or circuit-breakers).

The domotics management system is strictly related to the concept of scenario: every time there is a system event (it could be a keypad command, a code insertion, a zone violation, the combination of more customized events, etc.), the system enables the possibility to program by means of the following parameters the desired scenario:

  • arming / disarming partition
  • arming /disarming outputs (up to 8 for each scenario)
  • riproduction of a voice message
  • activation of a voice communicator
  • email transmission
  • SMS transmission
  • timer activation

ErgoBy means of the ergo Keypad is very simple to manage the entire system: for each Keypad up to 10 different scenarios can be activated. The scenarios can be easily accessible by touching the relevant button (to be activate by the installer-macro function) or only after a valid user code entry. But another important news is the retention (memorisation) of all repeated scenarios, for example if from a Keypad we activate more frequently a specific scenario, the system will automatically propose us the same at first, allowing in any case to utilize the circular scroll to check all other available scenarios to be activated. Another peculiarity of the lares series in order to simplify the adotion of the system in Domotics is to be in a position to memorize all usual scenarios and repropose them automatically. For example, using the Keypad to select different scenarios or in order to arm and disarm the system or a specific partition, lares will propose automatically the next logic scenario ( for example to disarm if system and partition are armed or vice-versa). All this with the aim to activate the desired scenario with no need to press any additional button. It is enough to entry your valid PIN, through the Keypad, through a proxy tag or your smart phone utilizing the NFC technology.

Firmware Update

Both the firmware of the Control Panel and the one of all peripherals linked through the KS-BUS can be easily updated in few seconds. There is neither the need to special connection nor to insert jumpers or switch-off the system or its peripherals: the firmware can be downloaded directly to the Panel thanks to its USB Port ( both from PC and from flash-memory upload) or from remote thanks to the Ethernet Communication (if activated by the user).

The update is automatic and meant to be absolutely secure, all Ksenia Security’s devices are equipped with a unique Technology for the Firmware update: the dual-firmware-mode. One copy of the new FW is saved on the peripheral (Control Panel) which has to be updated, once the copy is terminated (which can be done during the normal function of the system), the peripheral verifies the new FW by means of a CRC (cyclic-redundancy-check): if it is correct it will start to use the new FW, otherwise will continue to use the old-one. If during the switch from a FW version to the other the power would be missing, no worries, both FW will remain available, Only when the Peripheral starts to utilize the new FW, the old-one will be finally and the panel is ready to a new future update. This basically means that all Ksenia Security Systems are back-ward compatible, new characteristics or functions available in the future could be added even on pre-existing systems with no need to modify or change the existing peripherals.

Integrated Web Server (demo link)

Regarding Home Automation, the integrated Web Server is the ideal tool to control your own house. Let you imagine the chance to set the room temperature or to turn on the oven in your kithcen, from remote.

Future Devices

This special management update ensures that, once a lares Control Panel is installed, it will be compatible with all future Ksenia Security devices, with no need of substitute the control panel but simply by updating the firmware.

Inputs Section

Scheda lares

Each control panel has 6 programmable inputs, 4 terminals configurable as inputs or outputs and a connector against opening and removal from the wall. Depending on the model, the number of inputs can reach 128, thanks to auxi expansion modules or the ergo keypads for wired zones or wireless duo transceivers. Each input is programmable: 7 types of balancing (NC, NA, EOL, 2EOL, 3EOL, customized), direct connection of shutter or inertial contacts, 24h, immediate, delayed input and output, input path, command (inclusion or exclusion of partitions, call blocking, alarm reset) and many other functions. Finally, auxi expansion modules allow up to 40 analog inputs 0 - 10V.

Outputs Section

The control panel board has a double exchange relay output, programmable by 1 A supervised and of 4 outputs of 500mA OC. Depending on the model, the number of outputs can reach 128 with the auxi / auxi relay expansion modules or the ergo keypads. Each output is programmable: polarity (normally open or closed); operation (bistable or monostable); activation times (ON and OFF time). The outputs can be freely associated with control panel events or manually controlled by the keypad, proximity reader or remotely. Finally, the auxi expansion modules allow up to 40 analog outputs 0 - 10V 20mA.

USB Interface

Each Control Panel is provided with an “dual role” USB, which can be directly linked to the PC for programming the Panel or visualize its status. The same Port can be very conveniently used to upload the program directly from a flash memory with no need of a PC.

Ethernet Connectivity

The Ethernet interface for managing the control panel from anywhere in the world via internet is already integrated on the panel. The system is protected by a triple security: password, encrypted protocol and the possibility to disable remote access or limit its functionality. In addition, the system is able to send e-mails, synchronize the clock with NTP protocol and send events to televisions centers via the modern CID and SIA level 3 over IP.

Voice Messages

Up to 400 separate voice messages can be recorded on the control panel for 700 seconds of recording, for warning in case of alarm or failure (with customized message) or for remote operations via voice mail. The voice messages are then managed by gemino BUS (if sent via GSM), pontis (via PSTN) or reproduced locally on the ergo keypads. The recording is in 3 different modes: from the PC microphone, importing a wave file or using two text-to-speech (TTS) speech synthesis engines. The TTS engines are both available through the programming software basis: one is free, the second one is of excellent quality thanks to Loquendo libraries. (*) it is issued by a “one-off” fee license.

System Control from remote

The system can be easily managed by means of the following available options:

  • through the integrated Web-Server
  • simply by calling the Panel via GSM or PSTN thanks to the guided menu, or sending SMS and emails
  • or linking with a standard modem by taking advantage of the pontis PSTN module

Power Supply Control

lares controls both the primary power voltage and the Battery voltage. Periodically it verifies the efficiency status of the Battery and inform us in case of issues. In case of prolonged absence of power, lares is equipped with the function “battery separation” to prevent deep discharges, but it is not a simple protection: the Control Panel itself disconnects the Battery and before to “self-switch-off “, carries on all necessary controls, memorizes date and time of the switch-off for possible controls and then finally carries on a Switch-off immune of any issues. In this case even the involved sirens will not get into alarm, avoiding useless disturbs.

Box KseniaCertifications

EN50131 Grade 3 - Class II, SSF1014 larmklass 2, T014:2013


The lares Control Panels can be programmed by PC, by IP (for the version with integrated Ethernet) and directly by uploading on the USB Port

Parts included

Any Control Panel PCBA delivery includes:

  • Power Supply Cables
  • 10 end-of-line Resistances 10KΩ
  •  User Manual and Quick Reference Guide IT / EN / FR / DE

How to order

  • KSI1100016.300 - lares 16-IP
  • KSI1100048.300 - lares 48-IP
  • KSI1100128.300 - lares 128-IP


  • KSI7402117.010 - Metal cabinet 255x295x85 mm  Metal cabinet painted in white with lockable door and microswitch tampers: it may contain 1 lares motherboard, 1 expansion module 1 Power Supply and 1 back-up Battery 12 Vdc/7Ah rated.
  • KSI7403130.010 - Metal cabinet 325x400x90 mm  Metal cabinet painted in white with lockable door and microswitch tampers. It may contain 1 lares motherboard, 2 expansion modules, 1 Power Supply and 1 back-up Battery 12 Vdc/17Ah rated.
  • KSI7501000.020 - USB adapter from micro A male to type A female. Color black.
  • KSI7101217.000 - Switching power supply 12 Vcc-1,7 A
  • KSI7101230.000 - Switching power supply 12 Vcc-3,0 A


The IP integrated lares platform can manage the ONVIF, the standard communications protocol for video surveillance cameras. From the configuration of Floor Plans (which are integrated and for free) it is possible for the end user to control what is happening inside into each room equipped with camera by a simple click on your phone or PC.

Using the configuration software basis the installer you can scan the network at the end of which all ONVIF compatible IP cameras will be displayed. The installer then has the option to select the device relative to that room and assign a label.

Which are the advantages of IP?

First of all the communication is bidirectional: CCTV an be driven directly by the Central Monitoring Station, so the control panels can be controlled and monitored, faults can be quickly identified and cured.

The installation is very simple: let you think that no specific circuit, compared to the analog, is needed for each system.

Communication Protocols are standard.
No need for specific receivers: just servers.

Another important aspect is that the communication network does exist: it is called Internet.
No need for costly communication channels installations (CDN, fibers, ...). Infrastructures are there: let you use them!.


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