Thanks to this new APP, the User can manage all lares 4.0, wired and hybrids.



The application allows the complete monitoring of the system, the management of the Home Automation part and all aspects of Video Verification, by connecting to any ONVIF camera model.
The new interface is simple and intuitive.
It is identified by a dashboard with temperatures and weather forecasts, usable through a new scrolling navigation. It allows the personalization by the User through the use of the favorites and the choice of the background color.

The APP lares 4.0 is divided into three sections: Dashboard, Security and Smart Home.

The status of the whole system is visible in the Dashboard and there is a quick check of the activation, or deactivation, of the alarm system.
In the Security section, it is possible to view the event log and the status of all the sensors, manage the time programmer, view the details of any faults and access the user management.
The third and final section is completely dedicated to the Home Automation part: on this page the User can control all the exits, assign the categories and have full control of lights, blinds, scenarios, and much more.

The application is extremely flexible and allows you to set the page display even for rooms; this facilitates the programming and the detailed view of the whole system.
The App lares 4.0 is free and available for iOS and Android operating systems, downloadable from the relevant stores on any mobile device, smartphone or tablet.



The dashboard is the main page of the App, positioned in the central section. It contains: the name of the control panel, the Info section with all the contact details of the Installer, the detected temperatures, the location name where the control panel is installed, an icon representing the weather of that specific location and, finally, your favorites. At first glance, it is possible immediately highlight the status of the system, thanks to the icon positioned in the middle of the home page: the status can be totally armed, disarmed, partially armed or in alarm. Each state is distinguished by a specific color: red, green or blue. Finally, by clicking on the system status icon, the partitions page opens and you can control their status and arming them manually and individually, without using the scenarios.


From the Security section you can control the status of sensors installed (in idle, in alarm, fault/tamper) with the possibility of including, excluding and adding to favorites; the status of the partitions with possibility of arming / disarming them individually, in order to arm some customized actions, different from those programmed by the installer. Also the time scheduler is present in the Security section, it allows the creation of smart scenarios that can run according to a scheduler; the events to view the logs of the control panel where all the operations of the control panel are recorded; cameras to control accesses; system management for maintenance of faults and tampers; users management depending on the access level configured.

Smart Home

In the Smart Home section it is possible to: control the automations enabled for remote management, grouped by categories: lights (turn on/off), opening gates (open/close), roller blinds (raise/ lower/stop), etc., manage the scenarios programmed by the installer (management of outputs such as: “Turn ON the light”, “Turn OFF the light”, etc.; view and adjust the temperature and humidity detected by domus multisensors and program the chronothermostat (heating, air conditioning, schedules, weekly programs, etc.), add devices to favorites.
The display of devices list is available in two modes: by category, where the sensors, outputs, scenarios and chronothermostats are grouped according to the category set by the installer, assuming their characteristic icon; by rooms, where they are grouped according to the rooms to which they have been installed.


Acquisition of control panel

The acquisition of the control panel in the App is required after download. You have to enter name and serial number of the control panel, scan the QR code via the camera or edit the serial number. As an option there is the possibility of insert IP address, listening port and secure protocol connection but, if not provided, the connection will take place via Ksenia SecureWeb as well. Dial your PIN code to enter the App lares 4.0 and start to manage your control panel.

Disarm, Arm and Partial arm

From the Dashboard, three big colored icons immediately highlight the status of the system, click on them to arm or disarm the system, totally or partially. Total arming is only for partitions programmed to be totally armed, with or without entry/exit delay; the disarming can be total or partial; the partial arming only arms some partitions, with or without entry/exit delay. You can have multiple scenarios configured to arm the system and, in that case, you can select only the desired one from a list. Finally, by clicking on the system status icon, you enter the partitions page where you can control their status and arming them manually and individually, without using the scenarios.


In the Dashboard there is a section dedicated to favorites, that is, all the most used elements that the user wishes to always have at hand. You can associate up to three favorites from smartphone and up to six favorites from tablet. To select a new favorite element, simply search for it in the App, press the icon and click on the star.

Geolocation and weather

On the left side of the Dashboard, you can read the detected temperatures (indoor and outdoor) by sirens, keypads and domus sensors, and on the right side you can read the location name where the control panel is installed and view an icon representing the weather of that location.

Choose of theme

Possibility to customize the colour interface of lares 4.0 App (light or dark). By default, the theme is light but, by enabling the Dark theme option, the App will take a dark grey theme. To make this change from the Dashboard, click on the Panel Settings icon

‘Info’ Section

In the Info section on the Dashboard of the App, you can view the complete profile of your Installer: telephone number, email address, company and his picture. It is so important to quickly access all the contact details of your certified Installer when you are in troubles and need a prompt support!


Users management

In the Security section, the Users Management page allows to enable/disable tags, remote controls, codes, etc. of users, depending on the authorized access level. For example, by dialling a Master user PIN, it is possible to fully enable or disable a user or just some of his tools for managing the system, such as PIN, Tag and Remote Control; also, it is possible to change his name and his PIN code which must always be of six digits.

Scheduler time

From Security page it is possible to open the Time Scheduler: Master users can program the automatic processes (represented by scenarios) which can be executed according to timetable and weekdays. Possibility of choosing the run time among “hour and minutes”, “sunrise” or “sunset”. The sunrise and sunset values are calculated according to the geographic position (latitude and longitude configured) and the time zone where the lares 4.0 control panel is installed. In this way, you can just select “sunset” to start lawn irrigation or turning on the outdoor lights, for example, without specifying a time; it will be the control panel that will run the scenario at sunset for that period of the year in that specific timezone. The holidays calendar of the country where the control panel is installed, is a valid aid in the configuration of the weekdays. The weekdays can be distinguished from the holidays so that, a disarm time scheduler, programmed every day at 07:00am (for example), will not take place if a holiday falls on a weekday.

Cameras and Events log

In the Security section, the Events page allows to view the logs details of the control panels indicating date, type, description of the event and the name of the user who generated it. When an alarm, tamper or masking of a sensor
occurs, the IP cameras (if installed) capture the images of the event occurred, to verify what happened. And more, you can open the Camera page to display their live images (one at a time), both locally and remotely.


“Counters” function is a real time people counter to count how many people pass through a security barrier or through one of our curtain motion detectors installed on the entrance/ exit doors, but also by reading the Tag when passing through one of our proximity readers. The counters can be incremented, decremented or set to zero according to the personalized actions that can be performed directly from the scenarios. In real time, it is possible to view the number of people present in a room; measure the flow of people who frequent a shop daily; authorize or not entry to gyms, cinemas, swimming pools, etc. Counters function can be monitored from lares 4.0 App or ergo-T / ergo-T plus keypads, in addition to receive notifications when a maximum programmable threshold is reached.


In this page you can find the complete list of all the sensors installed in your system, with an indication of their status. Each sensor is recognizable by a customized icon, based on the category to which it belongs and assigned during the configuration. By clicking on it, a pop-up appears that allows you to exclude or include it, also offering you the possibility to add it to your favourites. By touching the funnel icon, however, you can filter the sensors on the basis of their status: you can choose, for example, to display only those actually alarmed, in order to understand if and which windows you left open, eventually.


Within the section dedicated to the partitions, you can monitor their arming status and any delay times in progress and you can also arm or disarm each partition individually. Simply press one icon of them to choose whether arming/disarming or arming/disarming with delay the corresponding partition. Partitions can also be managed from the Dashboard page by pressing the central icon.

Smart Home

Chronothermostat & domus function

Through the domus module, which can be installed in any environment, it is possible to manage the chronothermostat to gradually adjust temperature and humidity, thus improving the environment comfort level. Open the chronothermostat page from Smart Home section, it offers many different operating modes: manual, timed manual, weekly, special 1, special 2 or OFF. In addition, you can choose between “summer” or “winter” setting mode and the temperature throughout the day.

Home consumption management

The energia BUS peripheral is a module for energy loads management. It allows to manage the power used in your single-phase electrical system, on each one of its two lines. energia module provides two distinct power lines on which measuring both voltage and current. When two programmed thresholds exceed, some push notifications and ringing alarms will be activated: the first threshold notifies that the maximum consumption has been reached and if no action is taken, \ detaches the loads according to the programmed sequence. Consumptions and appliances can be managed and monitored from the Smart Home section in real time.

Voice Assistants

From Panel settings page, it is possible to enable the integration procedure for Voice Assistants Google Home e Amazon Alexa, and then choose between a Google or Amazon account by entering the appropriate credentials. At this point the control panel will be connected to the account and the last step required is the configuration of Google Home or Amazon Alexa App. After that, all the Smart Home devices installed can be managed only by using the voice commands: lights, roller blinds, scenarios, air conditioning and all the desired automations.


From Smart Home page it is possible to manage the scenarios. Within a predefined number of scenarios, depending on the model of control panel installed, it is possible to easily choose the desired combination among the entire range of home automation devices installed, in order to obtain the combination of several actions, with a single gesture. By clicking on a single button, therefore, a series of actions are performed simultaneously, such as: shutting the roller blinds, turning off all the lights and activating the alarm.

Analog output and dimmer function

One terminal (M5) of auxi expansion module, can be programmed as an analog output 0-10V to adjust the output voltage. The analog output can be connected to actuators with standard input 0-10V, for detecting the voltage variations (e.g. generic dimmers, fan coils, etc.). Programming the analog output of the auxi BUS peripheral as an Intensity regulator (DIMMER) to increase/decrease the luminous intensity of a light/lamp, besides turn it on and off.
The end user can adjust the luminous intensity with a slide bar, also the colour intensity varies according to the selected percentage value: from 5 to 100% (step = 0.5V). The icon changes as the setting of the category programmed for the device changes. The intensity regulator can be managed by the end user from lares 4.0 App and ergo-T/ ergo-T plus touchscreen keypads, besides the graphic maps, and monitoring it in real time too.


From the Smart Home page, you can control the automations enabled to remote management and grouped by categories and by rooms (by pressing the house icon on the top right). The elements grouped in Rooms allow you to display each device in the room where it is installed and manage it from there.  





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