lares 4.0 wls 96 Security and Smart Home Control Panel 

lares 4.0 wls 96 is an all-in-one Solution but widely expandible!


The most advanced wireless Control Panel on the market, dedicated to the Professional Distribution channel and designed for typically residential applications.

lares 4.0 wls 96 has a wireless bandwidth 868 MHz latest technology, fully bidirectional and compatible with all Ksenia Security wls peripherals already on the market.

This solution is designed to range from quick installation (wireless mode) to that of the small residential, also integrating smart-home functions: in fact lares 4.0 wls 96 also manages the domus multifunction module and the auxi and auxi-H expansion modules.

Both wireless and wired connection, lares 4.0 wls 96 completely maintains the characteristics that distinguish the lares 4.0 platform: Video Verification and Audio Verification of alarms, integration with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and related voice assistants, integration with Control 4, Crestron, full compatibility with porta 4.0 module for Konnex integration and much more.



The new Self-Contained / All In One inside a white or black in polycarbonate box, of a A4 sheet size, contains: the mother board of the control panel with an IP interface and transceiver on board, soft-touch LED keypad, indoor siren, 15V-25W switching power supply protected by a fuse, space to install a 12V/2Ah lead-acid backup battery. The Control Panel can manage:

  • 96 Total zones (maximum 40 of which can be wired);
  • 18 Outputs (maximum 16 of which can be wireless);
  • 50 Partitions;
  • 40 IP video inputs.


Communication modules

The external communication of the system, in addition to the IP connection, is ensured by the 3G add-on and / or PSTN modules, which can be installed directly on the mother board , or by the gemino IoT. For the first time, therefore, even without an IP network or in the event of a power failure, it will be possible to use the APP, also for the programming, via 4G/LTE channel. Compared to previous systems, new features are available such as Video Verification by connecting any model of ONVIF camera and by sending emails or push notifications, with screenshots related to the timeframes of the selected events.
To provide further support for system reliability, Ksenia Security offers a 5-years extension of the warranty period for the lares 4.0 wls 96 control panel.


EN50131 Grade 2 - Class II
T031: 2017
SSF 1014 Larmklass R



KSI1410096.30x - lares 4.0 wls 96
Able to handle up to 32 wls sensors and up to 96 total zones. Possible expansion wired on BUS: up to 3 user interfaces (to choose between ergo S keypad and volo /volo-in proximity readers), 6 expansion modules (auxi, auxi-H), 1 domus to manage the thermostat functions, 2 isolators (divide, opis), 1 siren on BUS (imago or radius). Supplied with white or black polycarbonate plastic box, 25W power supply and indoor siren.

KSI1413096.30x - lares 4.0 wls 96 with 3G module
Same functions of the model described above with the 3G module and related antenna included

KSI1410096.3xx - lares 4.0 wls 96 with built-in keypad
Same features of the model described above with ergo S keypad included (same colour as box).

KSI1413096.3xx - lares 4.0 wls 96 with 3G module and built-in keypad
Same features of the model described above with the 3G module and related antenna included, ergo S keypad (same colour as box).



Each kit also includes: 

  • Power supply and battery connection cable; 
  • 10 10KΩ end-of-line resistors; 
  • Installation manual and quick guide;
  • 868.5MHz antenna.

The technological evolution of Ksenia Security is always expanding.

Ksenia SecureWeb platform is the proof, it is characterized by a strong innovative implementation, thanks to the latest improvements. SecureWeb, the secure Cloud that allows the development of complex applications, has made a leap forward that anticipates by far the near future, gaining a leading position in the Business Intelligence world. The graphic interface has been improved, simpler organization of the data, through an unprecedented dynamism; greater fluidity has been conferred to the Installer dashboard and the speed of download has increased significantly.

Valid tools are offered to the Installer to have full control of his own profile; by accessing with the scratch-card Loquendo (product code KSI7800011.000) it’s possible to generate via Ksenia Pro voice messages with TTS speech synthesis (text-to-speech), in the voice and language chosen, without the need to be connected with the control panel, as the license provided on USB key requires. Ksenia SecureWeb: new interface, new functions with simplicity and transparency at the related certification level. It guarantees the highest level of Security and Privacy compliance in terms of accessibility, network encryption and DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan).

Therefore, Ksenia SecureWeb is able to make the best use of all the resources to realize really competitive strategies, offering processing power, data base storage, orderly distribution of contents and all the other features that support the sizing and growth of different needs, both for the End User and for the Installer.




Through this new application, a completely new USER EXPERIENCE is immediately sent to the customer: usability, user-friendliness and completeness that helps the user to always keep under control and safe his home, his own office or commercial/industrial building.

A single APP that allows you to monitor the different aspects of Security (Burglary, Video Surveillance, Access Control) and Home Automation and BMS (Building Management System) at the same time.

Thanks to this new APP, the User has the possibility to manage all the lares 4.0 control panels, wired and hybrids.

The application allows the complete monitoring of the system, the management of the domotic functions and all the aspects related to the Video Verification, through the connection to any model of ONVIF camera.

The new interface is simple and intuitive.

It is identified by a dashboard with temperature and weather forecast, available through a new scrolling navigation. The User can personalize the dashboard by using the favourites and the choice of the background colour.

APP lares 4.0

Install the lares 4.0 User application,
scan the QR-code of your Store via a mobile device.

Ksenia Pro App: only for Professional Installer

IoT (Internet-of-Things) platforms represent an important technological innovation due to the possibility of programming and management of the system through Ksenia SecureWeb. In fact, Ksenia SecureWeb offers to the Installer a single dedicated APP named KSENIA PRO, which allows the control panel configuration from any mobile device, smartphone included, simply by scanning the control panel QR-code and the registration with geo-localization.

APP Ksenia Pro

Install the Ksenia Pro Installer application,
scan the QR-code of your Store via a mobile device.


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