Tastiera LCD Multifunzione Serie ergo

ergo is a very advanced LCD Keypad carefully developed with the objective to capture a modern, minimalist and discreet style and an extremely slim profile (less than ½ inch.), which allows it to be positioned in any interior architecture thus expressing a new feeling of design, prestige and innovation. Thanks to the “CapSense” Technology, here you won’t see any of the ugly mechanical parts (like as membranes, buttons, plastic cover, etc.) which are typically available in other products and that are often the ideal dust location and the source of bad contacts.
In the case of ergo the front is completely smooth and all desired functions can be implemented by simply touching upon the surface in the areas shown by the graphic (letters, symbols, circular-scroll mouse) in a very simple and rational manner. All available functions, as detailed below, are really a lot and surprising.

ergo is a customizable touch-sense keypad, the end user can change 4 different colors and useful for programming GSM + GPRS gemino.

It can be customized in the 4 different Ksenia colours (White, Black, Red and metallic Grey), simply by removing the transparent cover and interchanging the internal cover (Lexan) with one of those included in the package envelope, such operation is meant to be so easy and safe that can be done by the end-user at any time.
Moreover, with no need of additional parts, it can be “flush-mounted” taking advantage of any std. box DIN 503, or just as it is on any wall (with no need of additional parts) or if desired even the desk-solution can be chosen thanks to the included stylish sustainer parts.

The ergo Keypad has been conceived not only to be linked to a Ksenia Intrusion Control Panel, but even to the Universal GSM/GPRS Communicator gemino, since, differently to other similar devices, it works also as “programming unit”, making the installer’s life much easier by avoiding the need of having a PC with for the Communicator programming.



  • Display of system status;
  • Display of functioning parameters: date/time, active GSM network, GSM level, etc;
  • System commands: complete or partial arming, reset, activation of outputs terminals, phone calls, etc;
  • Programming of system parameters;
  • Programming of local parameters (audio volume, backlight levels);
  • KP functionality exclusion for front cleaning purposes.


  • LCD Display 16×2 (visible area 61×16mm)
  • “CapSense” Technology (no mechanical pressbuttons)
  • Circular Scroll / quick menu access
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • RFID-Proximity Reader
  • Integrated Microphone and Speaker for remote listening
  • “Fast Addressing System”no need to pre-set the device address (automatic recognition from the Control Panel/GSM Communicator)
  • 2 programmable inputs/outputs


  • KSI2100000.300 - ergo keypad

Europe - CE, RoHS,
EN50131 Grado 3 - Classe II
SSF 1014 Larmklass 3

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