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Technological innovation is the foundation of our company’s mission. Ksenia strives to manufacture Security Products & Systems that are recognised and appreciated throughout the European Security Market. We attempt to achieve this through our ability to innovate and to anticipate the needs of our installers and end- customers as well as through our skill in knowing how to transform their expectations into reliable, cutting-edge solutions, faster and better than anyone else.

When we decide to develop a brand new product, our objective is always the same – to create something unique and different from everything else on the market, to differentiate the Ksenia brand so as to make it synonymous with innovation and technology advancement.

To ensure this goal to be achieved, we have created a dedicated R & D Team, formed by talented young engineers from a variety of backgrounds combined with professionals who can counts unique skills, competences and knowledge gained in more than twenty years of experience in the Security Industry.
In addition to the “in-house” work team, we have been able to establish worthy collaborations with our preferred suppliers who play a very significant role in helping us to make the difference.

In short, innovation for us is the ability and willingness to question what is typically taken for granted or has been established as the norm and constantly striving to think differently from everyone else.

Design Ksenia
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