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imago wls

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imago wls outdoor siren

The imago self-powered outdoor siren is a professional (acoustic & optical) Sounder which shows a unique and exclusive design, extremely slim (max. 6 cm thickness) associated with a state-of-the-art technology aimed to combine the best possible performances with the maximum energy saving:

high sound pressure, power LED alarm light and 2 LEDs for auxiliary signaling.

The siren is handled by two microcontrollers:

- One deals with major processing, in order to verify all conditions and to perform all required actions

- One for the RF communication channel management (bi-directional) for receiving commands, sending alerts, diagnostic, etc.

The microcontrollers are synchronized in their processing by an appropriate exchange of information. imago wireless offers the choice between two power supply solutions:

1. a proprietary alkaline battery pack 7,5V 8Ah, non-rechargeable (to be replaced)

2. an external power supply (9÷12Vdc) with recharheable lead-acid battery 6V 1,2Ah

The charging status of the batteries and, if necessary, the level of external power supply are constantly monitored. The warnings of failure, missing or low batteries are reported to the main system.


  • Europa CE

Technical Data:

  • Modern Design with original and convenient rotating opening
  • Solid PC housing (minimum thickness 3 mm.) with anti-UV pigment
  • Front available in different colors
  • Transparent base available in different colors: orange, red and blue
  • Strong metallic zinc-plated under-cover (anti-smashing)
  • High acoustic power piezoelectric Buzzer (>100dBA @ 1m)
  • Protective and insulating treatment of the PCB (conformal coating)
  • Power Supply: 9V(min.) - 13.8V (max – power supply not included)
  • Reloadable Backup battery: 6Vcc – 1,2Ah (not included)
  • Un-reloadable Main battery: 7,5Vcc – 8Ah non-reloadable (not included)
  • Operative temperature range: -10° +55°C 95% humidity
  • Protection class: IP43
  • Dimensions: 195 x 330 x 60 mm
  • Weight (without battery): Kg 1.200
  • Wireless bi-directional communication; 868MHz frequency
  • RF Range: 300 m. in open air
  • Supervision for wireless diagnostic (programmable)
  • Temperature sensor (excludible)
  • Temperature thresholds managing (programmable)
  • Management of the maximum duration of the alarm (programmable)
  • Alarm output configurable as Bistable or Monostable
  • Power LED output configurable as Bistable or Monostable
  • Auxiliary LED output configurable as Bistable or Monostable
  • Acoustic signals of RF level OK

Using imago wireless powered with main battery (7,5V - 8Ah), the lifetime expectancy is up to 3 years in the following conditions:

  • 4 daily cycles of turning on the auxiliary LED
  • Supervision interval programmed at 5 minutes
  • 1 m1 monthly alarm cycle of 5 minutes each and 4 test alarm cycles


  1. At temperatures below -5° C the siren may give a “wrong battery” message
  2. Working below -5°C significantly reduces battery life
  3. Replace the battery pack using only the model KSI7207580.000
  4. A battery can explode if handled incorrectly – do not recharge, open or throw on a fire


  • KSI6401000.XXX different colors
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