Triple-Tech Anti Masking Pet Immune Motion Detector series ianitor

The ianitor TRIPLE TECH. PET IMMUNE Motion Detector is a professional state-of-the-art motion sensor engineered with the world’s best components and materials. Every aspect of these sensors provides the most reliable motion sensing with freedom from false alarms. ianitor TRIPLE TECH. Motion Detector include two motion sensing systems: microwave Doppler motion sensing and DFIR motion sensing, with directional motion sensing to reject false alarms caused by swaying objects. Together, the two systems’ signals are evaluated by proprietary signal processing algorithms, which reject false alarm conditions while detecting intruders.

The ianitor Triple Tech.

Motion Detector microwave system includes a modern, compact, DRO-based micro-strip Doppler transceiver, with PCB “patch” antennas. The Doppler signal is digitally processed to detect intruders and reject distractions. Constant-motion signals (such as fans) are de-emphasized, and fluorescent light frequencies are digitally removed. The optical side starts with a EvenEye lens and a top-quality specially-designed DFIR infrared detector. Next, a modern microcontroller converts the infrared detector signal into digital form, for best reliability and stability. Finally, the signal is evaluated with DFIR anti-sway processing, for “best-in-class” false alarm rejection with excellent intruder detection.

Anti-sway function

The ianitor TRIPLE TECH Motion Detector is a motion sensor, and it will normally detect swaying motion. However, the outdoor environment may contain swaying objects that are not intruders (for example, wind-blown trees). Thus, to suppress “nuisance alarms”, the ianitor TRIPLE TECH. Motion Detector provides an “anti-sway” function to require that, before motion is indicated, a moving object must make directional progress across the sensor’s fields of view. This function can be enabled or disabled by a programming jumper.

Anti Masking

Masks are detected by alteration of the normal PIR/microwave-signal balance that arises from everyday activities around the sensor within about half of the set microwave range. For cases where there are continual microwave motion signals, this mid-range mask detection can be disabled by moving JP1. Additionally, a secured zone (within 1m of the sensor) is monitored. A person entering this zone and bringing hands near the sensor will initiate an accelerated mask detection process. A flashing red LED and open Mask relay indicate masking situation.

Pet Immunity

ianitor is designed to allow the presence of pets (20 kg. or lighter) without signaling an alarm. Some pets, especially larger ones with short hair, even if lighter than 20 kg. may produce enaugh infrared radiation to cause alarms. It's highly recommended to test the sensor with individual pets, in order to confirm lack of alarm.


Technical data

  • Range: 15 m in sensor-facing direction; 15 m with a 45° angle from sensor-facing direction
  • IR Sensors (2): Dual-element + Quad-element
  • Power Supply: 8-16 Vdc;
  • Assumpiton: 50 mA 
  • Alarm Relay: Solid state, Form A (NC) 50 mA at 30 Vdc, 1500 Vrms isolation
  • Alarm, Trouble Signal Outputs: NPN open-collector to (-), 50 mA Max., NC no alarm; NC no trouble
  • Housing Material: PC housing, HDPE lens
  • Microwave Operating Freq: Around 10 GHz (See unit label)
  • Events Detection: DFIR anti-sway false alarm rejection processor
  • RF Immunity: 20 V/m, 10-1000 MHz; 10 V/m, 1-2 GHz
  • Pet-Immunity: up to 20 Kg
  • White Light Immunity: 25000 lux
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to + 55°C
  • Storage: -40°C to 60°C
  • IP protection: IP 65
  • Dimensions: 171x76x61 mm 
  • Weight: 270g 


  • Europe - CE

How to order

  • KSI5303010.300 - ianitor


  • KSI5900001.300 - Mounting Bracket
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