Manage your home automation system where you want and in real time from your favorite device
The User can manage all lares 4.0, wired and hybrids, with any device, web, wireless control, smartphone or tablet

Connect with your Home All functions of your home become smart and connected with you 24 hours a day

Total interactivity
Our lares 4.0 app is free and allows you to manage the following aspects

  • Irrigation
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Automations
  • Lighting
  • Access control
  • Graphic Maps
  • Remote listening
  • Burglary System
  • Video surveillance

Do you have an issue requiring the installer’s support?
Forget the long waiting times!
Thanks to the Ksenia Security system, technicians work directly from PC or Ksenia Pro APP without visiting your home

Contact your nearest Ksenia installer and ask for the best available Automation solutions suitable for your Home

Find your local Installer

Are you an installer?Buy, or simply ask your local Ksenia Distributor for more information.

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