gemino expandable

(4 programmable inputs)

gemino espandibile

gemino expandable and gemino4 (4 programmable inputs)
Universal GSM/GPRS Communicators

gemino is a Bi-directional Universal GSM/GPRS COMMUNICATOR specifically developed for Professional Security applications, even though its flexibility enables its use in many telecom/communication, industrial and residential applications, basically anywhere there is a need to transmit signals in a reliable manner and in absence of the fixed line (or as alternative to it) in order to protect sensitive installations (like as, but not limited to, industrial plants, solar installations, rural and marine installations, incubators, glasshouses, etc.).

As an interface, gemino steadily controls the status of the PSTN line: in case of its absence, all linked communication devices will use the simulated phone line delivered by the communicator, therefore allowing to make and receive calls via GSM with a very high-quality audio output thanks to the adoption of a digital audio channel.

With gemino4 and gemino expandable versions it is also possible to send signals through the contact-ID protocol via GSM net, i.e. to Central Monitoring Stations. Contrary to many other devices currently available in the marketplace, gemino integrates the GSM antenna directly on the PCB, making the external antenna basically redundant for the majority of the application while, for particular installations an external antenna can be added and the Communicator can always manage and provide the best quality signal between the two; moreover, other interesting news is that gemino offers the possibility to manage 2 different SIM cards, even from 2 different providers, monitoring continuously the status of the GSM network according to three different simultaneous modes:

  1. measuring the signal level and quality
  2. verifying the proper registration to the GSM network
  3. detecting the presence of interferences (jamming)


In short gemino is in a position to steadily choose which antenna and which SIM card (or provider) has to be used so as to assure the best possible GSM coverage for Security system applications (Patent pending).

Additionally, for all pre-paid SIM Cards, the Communicator includes the credit control and the automatic update of each SIM Card’s expiring date upon each new re-charge.
gemino can be programmed in few seconds via a PC linked through the USB port or by using the same port to upload the program from a flash memory with no need to take a PC with.

Quite distinctively, it is equipped with the communication KS-BUS in order to be linked with new LCD Keypad of the ergo series: through the Keypad is possible to control the gemino, make voice calls and program all gemino‘s parameters; on the BUS is also possible to link the expander modules, thus offering the possibility to manage up to 10 inputs to activate SMS, voice calls or email, and 2 outputs, basically transforming a simple interface into a powerful communicator.

At last, it integrates on board 2 OC (open collector), which can be used to indicate a status (e.g. absence of a PSTN or GSM issues) or programmed to be remotely activated by SMS or CLIP taking advantage to the user recognition feature.

Perchè gemino espandibile?



  • It decodes the Contact ID protocol and sends SMS up to 8 programmed numbers and/or emails to your smart phone, PC or to a Central Monitoring Station;
  • It incorporates a VOICE DIALLER and a TTS (text-to-speech) Converter;
  • It remotely manages outputs in order to activate or deactivate any desired automation or Home Appliance in general;
  • It delivers a solid back-up line to the PSTN line;
  • It has 2 open collector output, 500 mA rated;
  • Thanks to an expander module auxi, it can manage up to 10 inputs (only expandable version);
  • It has 4 programmable inputs (only gemino4 version);
  • Easy Scan. This function allows the user to know the best mobile operator in the plant location, even before any SIM insertion;
  • Simulated PSTN line’s generator for the connection to any Control Panel;
  • Decoding of the contact ID protocol and transmission via SMS and/or email (it allows to receive an SMS or emails for each Control Panel’s zone);
  • Transmission signaling through Contact-ID protocol via GSM net to Central Monitoring Stations (gemino4 and gemino exp.);
  • Decoding up to 200 Contact ID events;
  • SMSs and emails can have a length up to 128 characters, for a total of 200 messages associated to contact ID events;
  • Slots for 2 SIM cards (not included);
  • Embedded Antenna + connector for external Antenna with automatic signal selection;
  • Micro USB port for programming and control;
  • High quality digital audio;
  • KS-BUS interface;
  • Linkable on the BUS to an ergo Keypad and up to 2 expander modules;
  • It can be managed and programmed also via system Keypad ergo by means of a dedicated cable (optional);
  • Up to 10 inputs (using auxi expansion modules);
  • Voice communicator with the possibility to record up to 200 messages for a total of 700 s;
  • Voice message recorder through the Keypad or through a TTS engine available from PC;
  • On board outputs: 2 OC up to 500 mA programmable as remote control on your mobile phone (via SMS or user recognition);
  • Phone book; up to 100 phone numbers;
  • Programmable via PC through USB port or by a flash memory upload or via system Keypad ergo;
  • GSM Jamming Detection;
  • Telit EasyScan®;
  • Credit control on both pre-paid SIM cards;

gemino espandibile


  • Voltage: 13,8 Vdc
  • Consumption: 80 mA stand-by, 250mA max
  • GSM line: GSM/GPRS Telit BGA module 22×22 mm (designed in Italy) Quad-Band (850-900-1800 and 1900 MHz)
  • Outputs: 2 OC on board ( GSM failure and PSTN absence)
  • Inputs: Up to 5/10 programmable on the expander module
  • Simulated PSTN line: line voltage: 40V, loop current: 20mA, programmable line tone, ring voltage: 120Vac
  • Line selection: DTMF
  • Operative temperature: +5°C to +40°C
  • PCB dimensions: 92×113×20 mm
  • Max. overall – dimensions: 140×102×30 mm
  • Weight: 170 g


  • KSI4100010.300 - gemino expandable (PCBA only)
  • KSI4100010.310 - gemino expandable with slim plastic housing
  • KSI4100020.300 - gemino4 (PCBA only)
  • KSI4100020.310 - gemino4 with slim plastic housing


  • KSI7401000.010 - White metal cabinet for gemino stand-alone version
  • KSI7302000.010 - “slim“ plastic box
  • KSI7212012.000 - Acid-lead battery 12 Vdc-1,2 Ah

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